Bigfoot 20 – Monster Truck Goes Electric [VIDEO]

Bigfoot 20 – Monster Truck Goes Electric [VIDEO]

Check out this video of a prototype electric powered, yes I said electric Bigfoot monster truck sent to us by the Bigfoot team. The truck was debuted at this year’s SEMA show in Las Vegas through a partnership with Odyssey Batteries who provide Bigfoot 20 with 360 volts and 1400 amps of cranking power from 36 Odyssey PC1200 car batteries. The video shows some preliminary tests of the truck crushing a couple cars but Bigfoot sources at Bigfoot Inc. tell us it’s capable of much more. Maybe we can get our very own 2.4Ghz controlled version here at the office but until then we can’t wait to see it in action some time soon!

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Updated: November 9, 2012 — 10:16 AM


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  1. I prefer the mellow whirling sounds of an electric motor and this technology has great potential to restore recreational opportunities to communities by introducing a new breed of motor sports without excessive noise pollution.

  2. While I do think this is cool, I must say…. if it isnt obnoxiously loud with that signature sound, and smell from the exhaust then IMO it isnt a true Monster Truck.

  3. Its cool that they were able to build an electric monster truck but I have my doubts the fans will be willing to pay to see one in person. The lack of noise seesm to really kill it for me personally.

  4. they should put some speakers in the back of that truck and put some sound effects so its not so quiet people still want to hear something rumble

  5. I was there for this. Was weird to see such a quiet monster truck.

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