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Traxxas RC Truck Saves Soldiers Lives In Afghanistan

Traxxas RC Truck Saves Soldiers Lives In Afghanistan

Check out this video from ABC News that tells of how a Traxxas Stampede Stampede was used to save soldiers lives in Afghanistan. The truck was loaned from one soldier, Staff Sgt. Christopher Fessenden, to another group who used it to scout out areas. The truck found a trip wire hooked up to a bomb and was destroyed. While the truck may not have survived, six soldiers were saved. Fessenden received the truck from his brother who had purchased and outfitted the truck with a remote camera. The goal was to keep his brother safe as the truck aided in the search for roadside bombs. The concept clearly worked and is not the first time we’ve heard of hobby-grade radio controlled vehicles being used in combat situations.





Photo: ABC News


Updated: July 21, 2015 — 4:34 PM


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  1. That’s incredible. Great idea.

  2. How can we get in touch with the people tring to arm our soldiers with R.C. cars ?

  3. There are many E-Maxx used in Iraq as a bomb sniffer…

  4. I am currently deployed in Afghanistan and i have a Savage Flux 2350, and I’ve been asked if I would ever use my truck for that if it was needed and I totally would in a heartbeat! Losing an RC truck is well worth the lives it would save!

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