Why Your Girlfriend/Wife Hates RC

Why Your Girlfriend/Wife Hates RC

Going by the statistics and facts, RC is a male dominated hobby.  RC appeals to guys, and a handful of girls, but generally speaking (if by “generally” we mean 99%+) this hobby is filled with dudes.  Dudes who love to spend money on RC, tinker, build, wrench and race RC cars.

Girls tend to enjoy other hobbies, and while there are always exceptions, the ladies out there not only avoid RC but also tend to hate it.  I’ve seen bumper stickers that say “RC WIDOW” for a reason.  If you’ve spent more than one weekend at a track or at a bash park, you’ve heard guys talk about how their girlfriend hate RC.  This isn’t true 100% of the time, but in general, women tolerate RC more than they support it.

After several decades in RC, I figured I would take a stab at why some RC girlfriends and wives find RC as appealing as a Star Wars movie marathon.

* RC is expensive.

Most people live on budgets, when an all-consuming hobby like RC comes into your world, the monthly budget can easily be blown to bits.  Guys who are normally responsible with their money may suddenly become binge-spenders, dropping $100 here, $300 there, until the monthly RC bill nearly equals the monthly mortgage.  Many guys even go so far as to hide all of their RC purchases from their wives (you know someone who does this, don’t you?)   There’s a reason for that–some girlfriends & wives look at RC as a colossal waste of money…money you could be saving, or better yet, spending on them.

* RC is messy and dirty.

As men, we tend to love women for many reasons, not the least of which being they are prettier, cleaner and tidier than the average guy.  Many women want their guys to clean up well, dress well, and eat well.  Soooo, that’s kinda the opposite of an RC racer.  RC guys have dirt, grease and oils all over themselves after a day at the track.  RC guys dress like they’re stuck in high school, in ragged t-shirts and oil-stained shorts.  And let’s not even start on the average RC guy’s track food.  A chili dog is often the healthiest thing you’ll find in the pits.  We look and smell like we picked a fight with a shop full of auto mechanics after a day of RC.  Small wonder your girlfriend doesn’t get all snuggly when you get home.

* RC takes up a lot of your time.

This is the big one: when you’re into RC, there’s little else you’d rather do.  RC consumes your thoughts.  It consumes your wallet.  And it consumes your conversations.   Some guys use RC as an escape from their significant others, and this only compounds the problem.  Want to make your girlfriend insanely jealous?  Start racing RC cars.  You’ll spend more time wrenching, racing, practicing and hanging out with your racing pals than you will with her, and that’s almost guaranteed to flip jealousy switches in her head you never knew existed.

* RC racing makes no sense.

As guys, we tend to be simple minded…ie, dumb and stupid.  Sorry, it’s true.  Try answering these common girlfriend questions and then try to tell me we aren’t somewhat dumb.  “Do you win money if you win an RC race?”  No, no money, but some tracks offer ‘race bucks’ which can be applied to more…umm…RC purchases.  “Is the trophy really nice?”  Not exactly, it usually looks like a participation trophy at the kindergarten field day.  “Did you get to drive your car all day?”  Eh, not quite–but I did run two 5-minute qualifiers and TQ’d!

* RC makes us act like children.

If I haven’t offended everyone with my generalizations yet, maybe I will now–RC can make grown men act like children.  When else would a 30yr old man watch out his window all day for the UPS delivery guy?  When else would an adult male lie about his whereabouts or money, unless he was actually doing something really bad?  When else would a grown man scream like a child or get in a fight over a toy car?  The last time most of us did these things is when we were children.  RC can make all of this stuff happen again…in your 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.  Women tend to find this type of behavior appalling.  Can’t say I blame them, either.

Yes I already know–plenty of you have girlfriends and wives who don’t mind RC at all, and are supportive of your fun.  That’s awesome.  Pat yourself on the back, because you’re in the minority.

Do you have any other ideas about why your girlfriend/wife hates RC?  Share them here.




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Updated: July 20, 2015 — 3:35 PM


  1. LOL. Around here we no longer call him the UPS man. He’s “Brown Santa”.

  2. BTW there is nothing worng with looking out of the window for your RC package. And no one can tell me that you didnt run outside like the ICE Cream man was on your street when you saw that UPS truck. Its like Xmass in a box!!!

  3. Both the Women in my life was in tears after I read this to them “Wife and Mother” . They both agree with this article.

    On another funny note, While I was reading this article I got flustered when I heard the UPS truck driving up the street. Needless to say I just proved that the article is genuine!

    David “Tiny” Johnson

  4. I’m a wife, I love my hubby and I like his cars. I know it’s what he loves to do, but it’s a bummer that there’s a race every holiday weekend. It’s so unusual for him to be home on a 3 day weekend. RC is also his job, so it feels like he’s always racing. I know that’s not true, but after a couple work trips and a couple personal race trips and visiting family all I want is a weekend at home and he’s off to a club race.

    * RC is messy and dirty.

    He’d always raced carpet and I’d grab his car when the race was over no big deal, I’ll NEVER forget the first time I picked up a gas car and promptly dropped the dirty slimy thing!

    “ragged t-shirts and oil-stained shorts” if I NEVER see another race shirt it will be too soon. He’s got more things in the closet than I do and I’d be willing to bet more than 80% would be race shirts, rc logo shirts etc.

    If he’d just learn to leave a nice little note as he’s leaving the house at 5am for a race or get up early once in a while that didn’t involve a radio he’d be golden. Yes Socko I’m talkin to you!

  5. Too funny. And while it’s a combo of all of the above, I think the time is the biggest thing. Wait till y’all hit my age, with 2 grown kids, a middle schooler, and a granddaughter. Try to tell your wife that you’re going to take the first free weekend you’ve had in 2 months and head out Saturday morning for a race! See you Sunday honey! Much worse with nitro, the races just take so dang long. In the 10 years I’ve been doing this my wife has been good about dealing with it, but I wouldn’t say she likes it. Running mostly 1/10 flashlights now that they’re back here, and that helps keep the peace because the races are so much shorter. Maybe some of the disenchanted SO’s should pony up for a nice 1/10 electric car? The other thing that helps is taking your SO along to the big out of town races. She doesn’t care about the local stuff, but if I’m headed off to a big race my wife will roll with. I race, she shops and sees friends, then in the evening we hang out. It’s worked for me, I still have my cars AND my wife after all this time! Nice job, Steve.

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  7. So nice article!!! Too much real LOL I´m way more envious of those guys whom have a supportive wife alongside than those whom can afford every single new stuff.
    I do know is a matter of about the time you don´t spend with her… My wife make me feel so selfish, but I really think she is, since she doesn´t care about my happinesh at all (related to my hobbies I mean).
    Last year I won plenty of races and when getting at home after the race, she never asked me whatever my face looked like. After a really hard day at racing I got to cook myself because she was to mad at me to left something in the microwave ( I cook every day tho) I´m not a guy who is at the track forever, even I just go on weekends just for racing once a month and practice a couple of times during the week in the morning when she´s already working… And ony if I have a race comming.
    You know what… At last that makes me become desillusioned and this year I´m racing much less. I hope my lil daughter grew up and likes the lil cars as she likes now. My 3 yr old baby just want me to wrench my rigs to help me out.
    Now I´m feeling much better… Thats a gloval “issue”, here in Spain me and the most of my buddies got the same problem.
    Sorry if I misspelt something 😛

  8. I got into RC because my son has a disability that effects his fine motor skills, it started out as therapy but has grown to full blown hobby. We both have cars and go to the track for practice sessions. He probably could race novice but couldn’t do marshaling so I have yet to bring him racing. My wife does complain about the money spent but is general understanding since it is something my son and I can do together. I did get my daughter a car but she only drove it a few times and didn’t care for it except for picking the color of the body, of course Pink. One of the things that bothers her the most is that her daily driver needs new tires but I keep putting it off and buying RC tires.

  9. Mary your a good one ,your man is a lucky man .

  10. As a new girlfriend of an RC addict whose been involved with the hobby for years, I must say that I understand every point made in this article.

    My boyfriend drops almost all of his pay check on parts, shells, upgrades, conversion kits, etc within a week. He gets royally pissed off when the above-mentioned UPS truck is late. We’ll be telling each other how much we love each other and he’ll randomly take his phone out to do some calculations and talk about what he can do to be able to afford that new shell he’s been wanting. We’ve dedicated 1/4 of our relatively small bedroom to his RC stuff. And I do find myself rolling my eyes every now and then at how much time he spends online doing research.

    With all that said, RC’s make my boyfriend happy, and I would never trade a moment of that pure happiness for a new pair of shoes or a normal conversation. I know that the time he spends on his cars is not an insult to me. To all of the RC boys out there, finding someone who loves you for you and finds joy in your happiness is really key. And maybe give them a little warning about your “drug addiction” 😉

  11. Off road RC had been in my blood for so long that i forgot. We all get home with broken whatever every weekend. That really adds up. thankfully wife has no words on that. So one day in 2010 we stopped by a flying field as request by my kids. I started to get interest on these RC planes. Then all of a sudden, i sold all my dirt road racers and get myself a cheap electricplane within 2 weeks. Wife was very happy that no more dirt on dinning table or smell of fuel in basement. I built or purchased about 10 planes since then. Even my kids can fly their trainner (wife lost two of my planes – I just keep smiling, and said this is the learning curve) I guess few things she support planes than cars are

    1. after dark we all go home ( even we have night flight once a month)
    2. she knows where to find me either in the garage or hobby shop when she need to
    3. i guess this is the most important – there are almost no female involve in planes ( except someone’s wife or girlfriend who are rarely show up in the field)

    All RC are worst than drugs, but at least we all hope to go home as a happy person.

    1. Good point; I could make the argument that RC is like a drug…I think we are all RC addicts at some point.

  12. I try to keep it that way 🙂
    It helps that we also have a few others wives involved also.

  13. This is a great article, Bess. Working so closely in the industry, it especially hits home. The long deadline hours and random race coverage trips to the middle of nowhere bugged my long-term girlfriend at first, but every time I would finally bring the latest issue home, she would see the value in my time spent… Buying her something nice every month didn’t hurt either.

    1. When in doubt, a present always helps 🙂

  14. Really good article and some very good points. I’m fortunate to have my wife’s support and my 2 kids racing. We have went on 3 big races on our last 3 anniversaries, spending quality time with the family. All of our anniversary pics are sweaty dirty smelly rc fun Lol. It does take alot of time with keeping our onroad cars and offroad trucks and buggies up and running for racing. I’m up to 14 different cars and buggies and need to get a bigger enclosed trailer to fit it all. Just glad she likes to go support us and chill out in the trailer. 🙂

    1. That’s awesome Donnie and the way it should be!

  15. Well I personally believe if they weren’t complaining about the R/C Hobby,,, I WOULD BE SOMETHING ELSE! LOL. So I say do what you want because if RC is the worst thing you do then the ladies can just live with it.

  16. Well I can see why this is a problem for RC car guys… but it is not an issue for us RC plane flyer. I mean we have a lot more to offer our significant others. For example, we have these nice asphalt fields in the middle of nowhere, where our love ones get all the solitude time they want while we fly. 3 out of the 4 flying fields I visit don’t even have a bathroom, so I don’t have to worry about her getting grossed out by nasty bathrooms. In the summer, it gets to be a nice toasty 120-degrees off the pavement. What’s not to like there?
    Our wives/girlfriends (a little note here-don’t ever invite both of them to the same event) really appreciate the fact, that we fly $4000 to$5000 airplane in a competition. This only requires months of practice and a $50.00 entry fee, so we can win some really nice bowling trophies (granted a step up from “participation trophy at the kindergarten field day”– btw did you guys know the bowling trophies are only $5 more). The best part, is when we crash there is no getting new parts, we get a completely new plane.
    So you can easily see why our ladies support us and really enjoy our hobby.

  17. “Would the GF or Wife rather me drink the money away or have a nasty drug habbit. I think not. That usually shuts em right up”

    same thing i tell my wife.

    instead, im out side in the dirt with our two sons. i always leave her with some play money for her and our daughter to go see a movie, of find a cloths/shoe sale

  18. Wife: “You love your RC Cars more than you love me!”

    1. Hopefully this isn’t said often—sounds like a night out on the town and some R&R is in order!

  19. well the rest of u guys did not meet your wife at Daytona during speed week, i suppose. Monday nights i race at Quaker steak & lube (pinellas park fl.), great food she does not cook, buy 1 get 1 free burgers. 3.99 kids meals. beer! My 5 year old girl has more cars than me, she always wants to go. mom makes a good designated driver too

  20. R.C. is not the problem , it’s the women . I was married for 5 years to a woman who complained,demoralized , & insulted me at every chance she got . Then I was single for 10 years but now I have been married for 10 years to an angel who supports & encourages me in any endeavor I choose to get into . If R.C. causes problems in your relationship get rid of her , they might be hard to find , but there are some good women out there .

    1. Amen…my ex-wife was just like that, too. My girlfriend is supportive of my hobbies and doesn’t run me down for them. She actually bought me a helicopter to start learning to fly with, and likes watching me fly it…says it makes her happy to see me enjoying myself with it. THAT is a good woman.

  21. A few months ago, I was at the golf range across from RC Madness with my son (6 yrs old) and they happened to be having a fairly big nitro practice on the track. Well my son was absolutely fascinated. After finishing up the range balls we went over and checked it out.

    I told him I had RC cars when I was younger and he was really into how fast they go and the jumps they can take. To be honest I was impressed with the speed since I dont remember my lunchbox or grass hopper going all that fast. We went in to the shop and he fell in love with Traxxas’ Grinder Monster Jam replica. I have never seen him this into something.

    Fast forward to the present day. I have a SC10, my daughter (8 yrs old) is the one staring out the window for the FedEx guy to deliver her Venom Gambler and my son has started upgrading his truck with RPM parts and other stuff. My wife is at a complete loss as to how in such a short time our whole family has gone RC. I think she is feeling left out but she insists she does not want one.

    She is very supportive of the kids interest and that is all I can ask for really.

  22. Stephen, you’re totally right. I love your article!!!! Perfect!! kkkkk 😉

    I love RC but really my wife HATES (for all the reasons above).

    I’m waiting for my two boy children old enough to run, then I do more weight in the balance and return the tracks. For hours I won.
    They have three to eight years.
    There is less!!!!
    Best regards,

  23. I could relate to this article! haha. My girlfriend bought me an MBX6 kit and she thought that was it. Little did she know that I had spent even more than the kit she bought for me. U know, engine, servos, Transmitter, etc, If she find this out, she’s gonna discourage me! hahaha

  24. in my opinion, the reason that women may not support the hobby is because they were never exposed to something like it when they were young, and it can be like some kids in school, who will hear that your into rc cars, and think it’s stupid as all get out and that all rc’s should be destroyed. it’s kind of the same thing, they weren’t exposed to stuff like it when they were young, and they may not or won’t get the opportunity to try it themselves. i mean how many guys would actually take their wife or girlfriend to the track and give them the transmitter to their e buggy for an hour on a practice day? i’d be willing to bet not many, which changes the hobby in their eyes from a hobby into time away from them, so they start to hate it.

  25. My team sponsor ,AKA my WIFE, says she is going to drop me if I don’t bring back some participation trophies! lol

    1. This is true. Win some races or get out!

      On another note, since I’m the wife visiting this page for my lovely RC obsessed husband I think that should tell you something. And when I go to races I am actually more competitive than he is. He gets yelled at when he crashes or when something breaks. I do agree with the money though, it is expensive and I would much rather buy clothes than RC parts! 🙂

  26. Spell check in this posting would be a nice change lol. Sorry lol. Anyhoots, I put it this way. Would the GF or Wife rather me drink the money away or have a nasty drug habbit. I think not. That usually shuts em right up 🙂

    1. That’s a good point; I’ve heard many guys say they choose RC over the bars and other less admirable pursuits—this is a good thing!

  27. Dunno who you’ve been dating, brah, but my girl is not only supportive, but wants to build and fly her own jets. I’m not lying. She’s already interested in gaming and model building, so when I mentioned that she can build models that actually work she was all over it. Now she wants to build a jet and cover it in Ace Combat 4 markings.

    We’re gonna need one hell of a job…..

    1. I’m married and my wife supports my RC habit (it’s kinda my job!). As mentioned multiple times in the article, there are always exceptions…

  28. lol @ “participation trophy at the kindergarten field day”..

  29. To gain support for my hobby, I gave her a hobby of her own. Papercrafting… and now she’s a Design Team Coordinator for a stamp company and has been published… the best part of all is that I get to do what I want on Saturday too!!

  30. The main, overriding reason why women hate it when their men are involved in RC is the reason they pretty much hate any male hobby – it takes time away from them and that, in their mind, diminishes their relationship with you. Women just don’t understand guys, in general. They may try…but they are just wired differently. Guys that have women who allow them to pursue their hobbies without complaint are fortunate, indeed.

    1. I think Thailand has found a solution to this problem. HAVE A TRACK THAT GIRLS WILL LIKE – a good example – The track’s name is RC Addict. It is located next to a rather famous Thai restaurant (close to downtown Bangkok). The track’s second floor is a Pub. The place is modern and clean. The toilets are almost equally as nice as toilet found in nice hotels. Many of the regulars there have their girlfriends with them. There is free WIFI too. The girls can surf the Net or watch DVD on their laptops. During the finals – the girls are actually track side cheering on the drivers. Another wonderful track is in Pattaya – where it ran the 2010 1/8th Buggy race. Those who raced there – must have noticed that lots of girls with their guys there, right?
      Spare a thought for the girls. They love to spend time with us – if the location is suitable. Furthermore, we have plenty of time off the track (waiting for our next heat) which we can spend with our girls by the track.
      Good luck – guys.

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