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Tamiya 1/10-Scale F104 PRO (w/Body)


The latest from Tamiya:


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Size:  43.8 KB-The newly designed F104 allows you to experience sharp handling of Direct Drive first hand.
-The three point suspension and the longitudinally mounted battery link up well in producing a
slimmer chassis than the F103.
-Comes loaded with Carbon Upper & Lower Decks, Carbon Rear Shaft, Aluminum Diff.
Housing, Carbon Friction Plate, TRF Damper, and much more.
-The car features 3-dimension front & rear wings.

-Item 54158 F104 Aluminum Diff. Housing Set
-Item 54162 F104 Carbon Rear Shaft
-Item 54163 F104 Cabon Lower Deck
-Item 54164 F104 Cabon Upper Deck
-Item 51384 F104 Sponge Tires A (4430, Front, Standard)
-Item 51385 F104 Sponge Tires B (4435, Rear, Standard)
-Full ball bearings
-Carbon friction plate
-FRP T-bar (1.5mm thick)
-TRF Damper
-Type 540 motor
A wide variety of Option Parts are separately available for further customization of your machine
such as:
-Item 54157 F104 Titanium Screw Set
-Item 54159 F104 Aluminum Horn for Hi-Torque Servo Saver
-Item 54165 F104 Soft T-bar
-Item 54166 F104 Aluminum Motor Mount (Right & Left)
-Item 54167 F104 Sponge Tires B (4430, Front, Standard)
-Item 54168 F104 Sponge Tires B (4435, Rear, Standard)
-Item 54169 F104 Aluminum Pivot Post.
-Item 54176 Formula-Tuned Motor (32T)
-Item 51377 1/10 R/C F104 Body Parts Set
*ESC, 2-channel R/C system, battery pack & charger are separately required.

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Updated: December 16, 2010 — 9:10 PM
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