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Quantum Leap – Maverick’s New Quantum Flux XT

Quantum Leap – Maverick’s New Quantum Flux XT

Basher trucks are all the rage these days, and there is a good reason why. There’s nothing quite like gunning an RC truck down a dirt path, kicking up some dirt, and bombing jumps with ease. The ability to take on all types of obstacles without a second thought is the main appeal of basher trucks, which is exactly what the Maverick Quantum Flux XT is made for. Maverick’s new aggressive, low-slung stunt truck is made to take on all kinds of obstacles and provide maximum fun while doing it, all at an affordable price.

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The Quantum Flux XT is designed as a budget-minded all-around basher, and the overall build quality holds up pretty nicely. The tub chassis is made from a durable reinforced composite plastic, with plenty of bracing where needed. Large-bore adjustable shocks connect the stout shocks towers and the wide track suspension arms.

The front and rear suspension feature an independent Pillow Ball design, meant to help soak up the ruts and bumps, along with a C-Hub front steering design. Steel CVA driveshafts are installed in both the front and rear of the truck, with a metal dogbone center driveshaft. The axles are a 5mm oversize design and require the use of included 8mm wheel nuts, as opposed to the standard 7mm size from other vehicles.

Maverick’s 3S capable MSC-30BL ESC is paired with their 3300KV brushless motor that provides plenty of go-power to propel the Quantum Flux XT over all kinds of obstacles and terrain. The truck is outfitted with an adjustable wheelie bar at the back, and an aggressive bumper at the front. The whole truck sits on HPI Racing TREDZ 2.8in wheels and tires. All in all, this truck is made with a nice balance of budget and good build quality in mind.

As to be expected from a Pillow Ball suspension design, the Quantum Flux XT handles rough terrain excellently. Roaring down dirt paths, this truck soaked up all kinds of shock from ruts and divots and handled landings nicely. This was aided in part by the large-bore adjustable shocks.

Part of the whole charm of a low-slung aggressive truck like the Quantum Flux XT is bombing dirt roads and kicking up as much dust and rocks as you can along the way. The large, aggressive 2.8in TREDZ Accelerator tires really dug into the loose stuff and did a great job propelling the truck forward. The servo is decently strong, helping the truck to hold its line when coming around long sweeping corners at full speed.

The adjustable wheelie bar does its job by keeping the truck upright when punching the throttle. We used a MaxAmps 11.1v LiPo for this test to extract all the available power from the included Maverick 3300KV brushless motor. This combo provided a fair amount of kick which made for some great fun and added to the overall dirt-slinging experience.

The Quantum Flux XT features a smooth, reinforced tub chassis with braces at the front and rear for added support and durability.

Adjustable large bore coilover shocks sit at the front and back of the truck, helping the suspension soak up impacts from rough terrain and big jumps.

An adjustable wheelie bars comes standard on the Quantum Flux XT, which is a great feature to keep the truck moving forward when really punching the throttle.


As more RTR bashers have hit the market over the years, it’s the details that really set one apart from another. The Maverick

Text and Photos by Lauren Short

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