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Pro-Line Teases New Mirage SS Body for RC10 Classic

Pro-Line Teases New Mirage SS Body for RC10 Classic

We shared a snap of Pro-Line’s upcoming Mirage SS body on Facebook (to the tune of over 1,200 Likes) that showed the shell with a silver spray-bomb paint job, but this latest pic shows the body with a legit paint job–Cliff Lett’s classic “Team Moo” colors, to be precise. Which is fitting, since the Mirage SS is a replica of the first racing body designed by Cliff Lett and is reproduced with the permission of Team Associated. Long-time fans will also recall the body style as the one used by Brian Kinwald to win the 1993 IFMAR World Championships.

Expect an official release from Pro-Line soon–with better photos, and more of them!

Pro-Line Mirage SS

Updated: July 21, 2015 — 3:36 PM
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