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Radio Control “Devil Baby” Terrorizes NYC

Radio Control “Devil Baby” Terrorizes NYC

For once, you just might literally “ROTFL” at something on the internet. To generate hype for the movie Devil’s Due, an elaborated animatronic “devil baby” complete with self-propelled carriage was piloted around the streets of NYC via radio control to scare the bejeebers out of all who decided to look in on the little terror-tot. It is indeed a scary site. And hilarious!

We screen-grabbed a shot of the little guy’s guts, which reveal a couple of servos (for eyes and mouth movements, we’re guessing) mounted on top of a rotating rig to turn the servo assembly along with the head. Looks like Hitec servos to us, and the transmitter is a Futaba 6EX (based on freeze-framing the vid during the “behind the scenes” clips).



Updated: July 20, 2015 — 3:25 PM
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