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Tekno is well known for making professional 1/8 scale competition cars. The EB410 is the brand’s  first 1/10 scale buggy, and it’s about to be my next race car. I’ve built many Tekno kits and thanks to their excellent instruction manuals and good fit and finish, it makes it easy to build even for a first timer. I’ll be building the EB410 over several posts. Follow along and lets get this build started.


There are two big bags that contain all the smaller bags that are labeled with a letter that corresponds to a specific step in the instruction manual.


The instruction manual itself is full color and clearly illustrated with helpful tips to help you build. The manual also gives you the initial stock setup suspension positions.


Don’t worry if forgot to buy fluids for the EB410. Tekno includes all the shock/diff oils you will need along with black grease and even thread lock.


The manual starts off with building the center diff. If you’ve seen an 1/8 scale diff, all these parts should look familiar. The all-metal gears and steel outdrives look solid and should withstand the power of a 13.5 motor on up to the hottest modified motors.


Once you apply some grease to the outdrive o-rings and fill it up with oil, four countersunk screws thread through the 81-tooth spur gear to hold the center diff together.


The front and rear diffs use the same parts with the exception being they use a steel ring gear instead of a spur. They assemble in the same fashion, greasing up the outdrive o-rings and filling them up with 7,000 wt diff oil.


Once assembled, the units fit together nice and neat. When it’s time to put them in the car, a set of ball bearings will be thrown on to allow them to spin nice and free. If you’re planning on filling the front and rear diffs with different oil, it’s a good idea to label them so you dont put them into the wrong ends of the car.


Before the diffs go into their cases, You’ll need to put together the dual-bellcrank steering assembly. The action is smoothed out with a full set of ball bearings.


Once the bearings are installed on the front diff, it easily falls into place in the case. Make sure the ring gear is offset to the right so it will spin in the correct direction.


The front gearbox and steering system is now complete and ready to be installed onto the chassis.

More to come…


Updated: May 17, 2018 — 8:28 PM
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