Gil Losi JR & Mike Gillette Start New RC Company

Gil Losi JR & Mike Gillette Start New RC Company

We’ve heard the talk in the industry about a new company and even spoken with a quiet, reserved Gil Losi Jr. about his new ventures, and now we’ve received confirmation that it’s all true–Losi Jr. and former Horizon Hobby president Mike Gillette have teamed up to form the “Firelands Group.”

Formerly the namesake of Team Losi Racing and current partner in AKA Products, Gil Losi JR brings another former employee into the mix with engineer Jason Corl, formerly of Team Associated. 

According to Losi, the brand’s first product will be a short course vehicle aimed at the entry level to mid-market level consumer, sold exclusively through HobbyTown USA. The vehicle has been said to be 1/18-scale and be under a brand named Helion. Two other brands under the Firelands Group are reported to be called Radient and Anza.

Knowing Losi Jr. and Corl’s racing backgrounds, it comes as no surprise that both have created an accessory/hop-up product line under the Firelands Group umbrella.  We anticipate accessories for 1/10-scale electrics, short course trucks and perhaps 1/8-scale buggies.

We are eager to speak in detail with Mr. Gillette, Mr. Losi and Mr. Corl to bring you the latest breaking news as it becomes available.  Stay tuned to for all of the details on this exciting new venture.

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Updated: July 21, 2015 — 5:11 PM


  1. Just came across this post. Awesome news. I’ve wondered for a while now if Gil Jr. would ever start his own company. Assuming the post by steve is correct, I’m surprised that they’re not also planning a product line of high end race vehicles. Does Gil have a non-compete with Horizon and/or Kyosho that prevents him from doing that?

  2. Is there any more information out on a Anza Slash conversion kit? I’m just now looking at some LCG conversions for my slash and hate to purchase something now if this might be hitting the market soon. Thanks.

  3. Firelands is just a corporate name…………like HORIZON is. There will be three lines available under the Firelands Group, HELION which is the entry level RTR products starting with the 1/18 scale Animus short course 4×4 truck, ANZA which will be the “hop up” brand designing and manufacturing performance parts for various existing vehicles (Travis Amezcua ran an ANZA equipped Slash at the 2011 Cactus Classic) and RADIENT which will be the line of electronic products such as ESC’s, batteries, motors. Things are happening and the 1/18 is set to release end of May.

  4. Now if they could only steal Kinwald back…

  5. they should just call it FL….. or just FIRE… fire they guy who thought up the name…..where the 1/10 scale short course i want to see it now….not a year from now…with a tease….photo….rc companys stop doing that….its just mean to play with people mines

  6. I agree…. LAME NAME!

  7. Hey Matt, do yourself a favor and don’t respond to comments left anonymously. All it does is make you look awkward. You cannot win.

    1. I don’t feel awkward. I didn’t have a problem with the comments being made, so I responded. No harm done.

  8. Could you have picked a more unflattering picture of Gil…

    1. How is it unflattering?

      1. Matt, It’s a step above a mug shot.

        I can’t believe you guys don’t have a professionally looking photo of Gil somewhere. He not even looking into the camera. What did you guys do, snap a cell phone pict when he wasn’t looking??

        1. It’s a photo of a racer taken at a race track

        2. I think this might be a case of making a big deal out of nothing, but you’re entitled to your opinion. I believe if the image wasn’t on the dark side (indoor track) you wouldn’t have thought anything of it. The good news is that the image has been replaced and there should now be peace in RC.

  9. Firelands Group = Stupid name.

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