Are You An RC Snob?

Are You An RC Snob?

There are all sorts of snobs. Beer snobs, wine snobs, guitar snobs, cigar snobs, food snobs, car snobs, bike snobs and, of course, even RC snobs. There’s some snob in all of us. I confess my RC snobbery is with batteries, radios and pre-painted RTR bodies. I’m not proud of this, but I’ll explain. When I’m at the track and I see some guy trying to charge up some gnarly looking NiMH side-by-side pack or–dear Lord–Ni-Cd side-by-side pack, I do cringe a little. I have nothing against the NiMH packs included in many RTRs. Those serve the awesome purpose of making it easier to get started in this hobby. Those do what they’re supposed to do. But, racer guy, it’s 2011, get a freakin’ LiPo pack already. You only need one–you can charge it all day. That said, I’m also a little snobby about the super cheap LiPo packs. There is always some guy at the track just dying to show off his new bargain basement Internet find. “Dude, I got this 5000mAh, 5000C Pinky Power pack for $2.50. It’s just as good as those race packs!” I’m sure it is; good luck with that. When it turns into a pillow, please pit over there–way over there.

2.4GHz technology has also turned me into a bit of a radio snob–at least at the track. Long, wispy AM and FM antennas just seem so out of place now. I don’t really fault anyone for not having 2.4GHz, but I have to admit when Zorro takes the spot next to me on the drivers’ stand, I am always a little shocked by the antenna.

Now, when it comes pre-painted bodies, I certainly don’t fault anyone for running the body that came with their car or truck. I’m just spoiled. I almost hate to admit this one, but I can’t stand having the same body as everyone else. Short course, however, has done wonders to cure this. No need to change these bodies when they are coming with cool schemes such as Rockstar, Monster, Amsoil, etc. Same goes for Traxxas’ new Monster Jam replicas. Grave Digger, Monster Mutt and others can and should stay.

I’ve come clean (oh, the shame); now it’s your turn. What in RC are you a snob about? Too tall body posts,certain classes, bad wiring jobs, sloppy looking DIY paint jobs (did you use a roller?), bad driving, etc?

For the record, I don’t embrace or encourage any sort of snobbery. Pretentious, superficial people are simply lame. I do have to admit, however, when it comes to cigars (I’m only talking to the older crowd here), please realize you quite often–almost as a rule–get what you pay for. On the flip side, beer snobs (again, only talking to the older crowd here) need to keep themselves in check. Micro does not equal good. There are plenty of great micro brews, but just as many that are garbage. If you are too sophisticated for a domestic beer, you’re a tool.

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Updated: July 21, 2015 — 4:45 PM
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