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Formula 1 Resurgence in America? [Video]

Redbull taking it to the dirt!

F1 racing is the most popular motor sport in the world and is watched by 10’s of millions of people every time it is televised. Popular in the world…except the U.S.; just like soccer is huge everywhere in the world except here in the States. The same could be said about F1 onroad racing in the RC world; I think all that is about to change. With the construction of Circuit of the Americas Track in Austin, Texas, the sleeping F1 giant is about to awaken and take America by storm. Onroad racing is where I got my start and F1 was one of the first classes I was exposed to. The rc F1’s back then were pretty good, but the F1 racers of today are far superior, giving you more suspension adjustments, aerodynamic adjustment and what most people consider most important; scale realism. With parking lot racing making a come back here in San Diego where I live, I’m salivating on getting my hands on a F1 rig from one of the many RC companies making one. Many of the off-road racers I run with, who are trying on-road racing for the first time are loving it! One of the many comments I hear on the drivers stand is “wow I didn’t realize how forgiving off-road racing is, this is way more precise!”…my thought exactly! See you on the track!  –  Joel Navarro


What do you guys think about F1 making a come back? Please feel free to leave your feedback whether its a comment, to let us know where we can race F1 in your area, or to share racing memories/good times!


Here’s a Redbull video promoting Redbull and the new Circuit of Americas Track in Austin, Texas…so sick!


Here’s a recent race video with F1’s running at TQ Raceway in Chino, Ca. Most places are running 21.5 turn motors with no boost and can easily make 15 minutes using a shorty pack. Do you think you can handle 10 minutes of intensity with mandatory timed pit stops??


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Updated: May 9, 2016 — 5:50 AM


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  1. Thanks for your response guys! There’s actually some Tamiya TCS (Tamiya Championship Series) Regional races happening near you. Some of the best handling F1’s are the ones made by Tamiya and are the only ones legal to race in TCS. WHy race in TCS regional races? Well if you qualify for the A-main, you’re automatically qualified to race in the North American Finals here in SoCal at Tamiya USA’s track. You win your A-main there, and Tamiya pays for you to fly to Japan for the Tamiya World Championships. The closest I’ve come to that is in 2002 finishing 2nd in the GT2 class. Its so much fun!

    Here’s Tamiya’s TCS race schedule…

    Happy Racing!
    Joel Navarro

  2. After looking at this article I found an F1 competition in Houston…I’m wanting to get into but have NO idea where to start. Can you give me some tips? Some RTR’s as well as kits would be very appreciated.

    1. Ultimate F1 (UF1) is pretty awesome for sure! I have to admit I didn’t realize there was one going in Houston too, only the one in CA. Unfortunately there aren’t any RTR F1 cars that I can think of but there are quite a few kits. Tamiya makes some pretty sweet ones as does HPI. There’s also a kit by 3Racing and if you look around you may still be able to find others. My best suggestion would be to go to a race as a spectator and check out what everyone is running to see what works best and fits within the rules. Good luck!

  3. This i great. I am from Middletown, PA and wish there was F1 racing like this near me

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