HPI’s Savage XL Octane Gasser: First Video!

Jan 31, 2014 3 Comments by

HPI’s much-anticipated Savage XL Octane is getting closer to becoming an available-in-stores reality–here’s the video for proof! The gas-burning (as in gasoline, not nitro) monster is still unobtanium on the HPI website, with no applicable results for a search of “Octane,” but sit tight…it’s definitely happening.



This preview page dates back to when HPI first started hyping the Octane, so some of the specs may have changed. Stay tuned, we’ll update as we learn more…


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3 Responses to “HPI’s Savage XL Octane Gasser: First Video!”

  1. edward macias jr says:

    this rc” dose it use 100% regular gasoline or 1/2 nitro fluid. whats the starting cost?
    looks great good luck with it

    • Erich Reichert says:

      Edward, it will use a 2-stroke gas mixture like what you use for a chainsaw, weed-whacker or 1/5 RC vehicles.

  2. vernon says:

    Dose this new savage have the tuff quality that we come to look for in a rc truck?
    and what about torque, and some speed runs that’s what people are going to be looking for.
    I like what I see so far.I would like to put it threw some runs myself. also how easy is it to work on?
    good luck with this one folk’s

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