Hitec Releases New Servos Powered By Neu Castle Brushless Motors

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Hitec has released two new lines of servos that are powered by Neu Castle’s ultra-efficent brushless motors which is a 1st for Hitec. The HSB-94XX product line is aimed at pro-level hobbyists while the HSB-93XX line is geared towards serious competitors who demand the best. Both servo lineups feature a 25 tooth standard spline, and both are programmable and energy efficient. But only the HSB-93XX line of servos use titanium gears, a built in heat sink to dissipate heat, and they offer more torque. Both servo lines can be used in a variety of surface and flight vehicles of different scales. Here is the full press release from Hitec:

With ultra-efficient Neu Castle brushless motors, titanium gear trains, low current consumption and constant output power, the HSB-93XX series of servos is the perfect match for the most discriminating pilots and racers. The HSB-9360’s speed is ideal for helicopter pilots. The HSB-9370’s speed and torque combination make it a great general purpose servo. And the HSB-9380’s torque is the power solution for all giant scale pilots as well as 1/8th scale racers.


  • Industry-Leading Titanium Gear Train
  • 25-Tooth Standard Spline
  • Constant Power Output
  • Programmable 12-Bit Resolution Digital Circuit
  • Low Current Consumption
  • Energy Efficient

HSB-93XX specs
HSB-9360TH – Stock# 39360 – Estimated Street Price: $179.99
HSB-9370TH – Stock# 39370 – Estimated Street Price: $179.99
HSB-9380TH – Stock# 39380 – Estimated Street Price: $179.99


HSB-94XX Series of Servos

Pro level hobbyists demand the power and precision found in our triple threat HSB-94XX servos. Each one is designed with our durable steel gears and impressive Neu Castle brushless motors. The HSB-9465SH brings lightning speed while the HSB-9475SH delivers multipurpose performance and the HSB-9485SH has the ultra torque necessary for the most demanding applications.


  • Durable Steel Gear Train
  • 25-Tooth Standard Spline
  • Programmable 12-Bit Resolution Digital Circuit
  • Ultra Low Current Consumption
  • Constant Power Output


HSB-94XX specs
HSB-9465SH – Stock# 39465 – Estimated Street Price: $124.99
HSB-9475SH – Stock# 39475 – Estimated Street Price: $124.99
HSB-9485SH – Stock# 39485 – Estimated Street Price: $124.99

Gallery > Hitec HSB-93XX And HSB-94XX Servos Powered By Neu Castle Brushless Motors


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