HPI 4WD Baja To Be Unveiled!

Sep 09, 2011 21 Comments by

Talk about timing! Just as Losi pulls the wraps off its 4WD 1/5-scale short course truck, HPI announces it plans to do the same. It’s safe to say this may the biggest weekend ever for large scale RC. Little is known about HPI’s release, but it has been in the 1/5-scale off-road game for some time now. The vehicle looks to be a short course truck and we know it’s 4WD–that’s it. Make sure you keep checking back here to be the first to get the full scoop.


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21 Responses to “HPI 4WD Baja To Be Unveiled!”

  1. leo-rcc says:

    The big F is a clue its going to be a Flux I guess.

  2. Kevin says:


  3. M. Johns says:

    That’s nice, but a 4WD Blitz would’ve been nicer.

  4. KiloLima says:

    Finally, a 4×4 1/10 SCT!! I think………………..

  5. sono says:

    flux …yea…no gas…

  6. Mike Kirby says:

    yup gunna be a flux…figures that they would since all the flux systems are based on castle anyway, so now the’ll HPI-itize the mamba xl and have a baja flux

  7. Justin says:

    It’s 1/5 scale guys… not 1/10. Would be cool though as a brushless set-up, but that would have to be a big motor.

    • Matthew Higgins says:

      Keep in mind that Castle Creations makes a 1/5-scale brushless setup

    • KiloLima says:

      How do you know it’s 1/5? The only info we have is that it is 4wd, SCT, and it’s electric(“Flux”). The only HPI Flux product available right now is for 1/10 and 1/8. I don’t think HPI would introduce a 1/5 4wd truck in electric before the gas version. They haven’t even released an electric RTR or kit 2wd Baja yet.

      But who knows, I could be wrong………=)

      • KiloLima says:

        …..nevermind. =( Just saw their FB page. They were at Milestone Park and their 1/5 track. Wow HPI just went electric with their first 1/5 4wd instead of gas. Bummer.

  8. BrendonP says:

    I’m crossing my fingers that it’s gas, or that a gas version will be available soon after a Flux version. While I love my 1/10th and 1/8th scale brushless/LiPo-powered vehicles, I’m not looking forward to spending hundreds on monster batteries for a 1/5 scale truck. Give me cheap gas and long run times.

  9. Dane says:

    I have a feeling the f stands for fuelie, not flux ;)

  10. SLODRIVE says:

    It’s electric. HPI says so on their FB page, plus they have a couple of other photos there. :)

  11. Ultimaxx says:

    oooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I like!

  12. LEE says:


  13. Ultimaxx says:

    I do not mind that it is battery operated and beside HPI is coming out with an 1/8 scale gasser. Now it seems that they have all the scales covered with there trucks. Now how about a 1/5 scale nitro sucker.

  14. bill mossor says:

    I hope HPI comes out with a 1/5 gas SC 4×4 to comepeat against Losi . Losi & HPI would make a great rivalry at the track & maybe it would encourage other companys to join the game . I heard a rumor that Traxxas is working on a 1/5 scale gasser & I think Duratrax & Traxxas use to make gassers .

  15. Ultimaxx says:

    Yes they did Bill…Duratrax had the Firehammer and Traxxas had the Monster Buggy. Kyosho also had a buggy and a rally car back in the 90′s as well

  16. Baja chic says:

    Not a gasser! They ran it at bajafest last weekend! Electric or not I love it! Its got some serious get up and go! My hubby and I have 7 bajas between us, so why not one more?! Woo hoo!!!

  17. Ultimaxx says:

    Remember the Jaco Rabbit 1/4 buggy? I had the RC video with Mad Max in it from the late 80 to early 90′s, and it showed some of them ripping around and they also added a camera to one of them…

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