ROAR Places Six Pro Drivers On 1-year Probation Warning Status

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The primary RC racing sanctioning body in the U.S., ROAR, has placed six pro-level members on a “one-year suspension warning status of membership.” This is said to be as a result of conduct and violations of published rules at racing events that ttok place in 2010. ROAR states that this warning status will be reviewed by the Executive Committee at during 2011 and further explains that should another incident be investigated and found in violation, the member will be suspended from any ROAR competition for the term of one year from the date of violation. The members are: Greg Degani, Billy Easton, Ryan Lutz, Jesse Robbers, Jay Schaeffer and Chad Phillips.It has been reported to RC Car Action that these warnings were issued due to rules violations that took place at the recent 2010 IFMAR world championship held in Thailand.

RC Car Action has contacted ROAR for more information.


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13 Responses to “ROAR Places Six Pro Drivers On 1-year Probation Warning Status”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Uh… so WHAT did they do ?

    • Matthew Higgins says:

      While it has yet to be confirmed, it was reported that four members (Easton, Lutz, Robbers and Phillips) of the violators simply failed to wear the proper ROAR provided shirt to the opening ceremony. Greg Degani and Jay Schaeffer are said to be involved in far more serious violations. Again, this has yet to be confirmed.

  2. Jill says:

    this is a joke. the magazine shouldn’t get involved with this. billy easton and ryan lutz are super nice guys and this puts a sour taste in my mouth. roar is going downhill everyday.

    • Matthew Higgins says:

      We are in the business reporting news and this is news. I do agree that Ryan and Billy are nice guys, but this was an unusual move for ROAR and thus newsworthy.

  3. Anonymous says:

    ROAR is a joke.

  4. Anonymous says:

    whether it’s a chess club or a sanctioned body of racers, logic and fairness should always prevail. when serious ridicule is passed down for obvious silly issues, then reporting it is the best thing. If i were to race in Thailand, i’d wear the traditional thai kickboxer get-up and no-shirt. think roar “wants a round house kick while i’m wearing these bad boys” lol.

  5. YoMan says:

    ROAR has no business with punishing people for actions at evnets that were sanctioned by IFMAR.

  6. Kyle says:

    This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard I was at the Rc Pro Finals and Ryan Lutz let me use his truggy cause mine got lost in the mail. Its funny how they don’t recognize him for this but instead the recognize that he wasn’t wearing the right shirt. ROAR you need to calm down its just loss of money for you.

  7. Kent says:

    Who Cares really?? So they didn’t wear their offical ROAR block shirts at the opening ceremonies. I bet these drivers barley remember this slap on the wrist and it wish everyone else would just let this go.

  8. Steve says:


    ROAR is not in the business of recognizing nice people, but running an orderly race venue. To that end, rules are made and enforced, and penalties are used to get compliance.


    Everyone should care whether rules are followed or not – this is what makes a race venue orderly, fair, and successful. We may believe that the wearing of a particular shirt sounds silly, but if the drivers signed on to follow the rules, then they should have worn the shirt when required.

    I can’t comment on whether the penalty was excessive or now because I simply don’t know the surrounding circumstances. Did they forget, or were they deliberately flouting the rules?

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