O.S. Engines GT55

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New from O.S. Engines


Introducing the first O.S. gas engine—designed especially for R/C!

It’s similar in appearance to other O.S. 2-cycle engines, with a large number of extra-deep and -thin cooling fins on the crankcase and head. A unique 1-piece crankcase design eliminates gaskets and enhances strength and precision.

A unique front-mounted carb, however, provides several performance benefits.

Better carburetor cooling, for more consistent engine runs and high performance.

Requires shorter standoffs, which results in more secure installation (mounting) and less vibration overall.

Very simple, direct installation of the throttle and choke linkages.
Another major performance benefit is the IG-01 Capacitive Discharge Ignition. Developed from proprietary O.S. technology, it uses a microcomputer programmed for optimum spark advance. Magnetic sensors on the crankcase and prop drive detect ignition timing. The IG-01 also detects and compensates for wet plugs, ensuring quick starts. Designed to accept a wide range of input voltages, the IG-01 requires minimal current in standby mode and features a low-voltage warning (intermittent engine operation).

Other benefits include:

  • No oil seal is required, eliminating rpm lost due to additional friction.
  • A front-induction, rotary-valve crankshaft, which ensures that the valve is opened and closed for optimum timing.
  • Massive front and rear bearings, for longer life and maximum power output.
  • A thin, high-performance piston ring and high-strength aluminum alloy piston, for reduced break-in and high compression from the very first run.


Stock Number: OSMG1555
Displacement: 3.352 cu in (54.93 cc)
Bore: 1.62 in (41.2 mm)
Stroke: 1.62 in (41.2 mm)
Practical rpm: 1,500-8,000

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