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Win A Free Shirt: Guess What Product Arrives Tomorrow?

Win A Free Shirt: Guess What Product Arrives Tomorrow?

So I can’t say what it will be until tomorrow when it arrives, but rest assured that this product is HOT, highly anticipated and VERY much at the top of many discussion forums right now.  And you’ll only be able to SEE IT here at RC Car Action!

Assuming UPS delivers on time tomorrow, I plan to shoot a quick unboxing video, photograph it, and then install it for testing and club racing this weekend by around 2PM Pacific Time.  Make sure to check back then to see what it is!

Care to guess what it is?

If you guess correctly, I’ll send you a RC Car Action t-shirt.

Guess HERE (reply to my blog) and the first person to guess correctly wins!  All other correct guesses (after the first winning guess) will win RC Car Action parts trays!



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Updated: August 11, 2011 — 6:49 PM


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  1. Alright guys, guesses are closed—the item has arrived & I will be posting photos/video shortly. I’m impressed with the number of correct guesses, and THANK YOU for blowing this thread up in less than a day—80+ responses?! Awesome! Thanks everyone.

  2. Xray Xt8e i wish

    Team Tekin Pro4

  3. Tekin Pro4

  4. Hpi savage xs flux

  5. tekin pro-4, cant wait to get one

  6. Serpent s811-e

  7. The new HPI Revolution 1/8 Gas Truck

  8. I just hope they have a bunch of those RCCA parts trays laying around!

  9. Ok… I’m retracting my guess. Missed the “install it” part of the clue. Tekin 4 pole SCT motor. Bah!

  10. I would say the Tekin Pro4 motor as well ………

    Hopefully it wont take a year too pick a winner and 3+ months for them to get the shirt ! 😉

  11. A losi 22t ..i take and xl shirt

  12. Taking it to the track for some club racing = Going to have to go with what a few others have guessed – the TLR 22T.

  13. HPI 4×4 SCT

  14. Tekin 4 pole. No doubt.

  15. I’ll join the crowd with Tekin 4 pole motor.

  16. Yeah… I’m changing my guess to the Tekin 4 Pole.

  17. Tamiya Blackfoot 3 or vajra

  18. Team Epic COLORED tie wraps!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. A tamiya blackfoot 3 or vajra

  20. tlr 22t, thats my guess.

  21. Tekin 4 pole !

  22. SC 10 4×4 RTR

  23. Losi stadium truck

  24. its gonna be a motor, esc, battery, servo or engine

  25. Tekin Pro-4 Motor

  26. Tekin 4 pole motor…

  27. Losi 22T Stadium Truck

  28. Tekin Pro 4 motor…oh…oh…cant wait any longer!!!!

  29. Reedy Sonic Brushless Motor

  30. TLR 22T truck. So excited to find out!

  31. Mini savage flux I hope!!!!

  32. Tekin Pro 4 Motor

  33. Traxxas Lipos

  34. A traxxas 1/8 buggy and/or truggy…mostly just wishing that that’s what u guys are getting 😀

  35. Losi new battery and servo tray sweeeeet……..

  36. Losi new servo and battery tray sweeeeet…….

  37. futaba servo or a venom ESC combo

  38. venom ESC combo or a futaba servo

  39. Tekin Pro-4, didn’t guess soon enough

  40. 1/8 gasoline motor in a hpi something

  41. Tekin Pro4 SC motor. Can wait to get my parts tray 😉

  42. Tekin pro4 brushless motor…

  43. Traxxas lipo battery

  44. savage gas truck.

  45. Hmm, could be the Tekin 4 pole motor, the TLR tune kit for the Ten SCTE, maybe a new Reedy motor, an extended chassis for the B4.1 or the Kyosho RB5 or maybe the Finnisher body?

    1. or maybe a Factory Team saddle pack conversion for the SC10 4×4

  46. Sorry didnt read topic properly..

    My guess is TEKIN Pro-4

  47. Savage XS Flux

  48. HPI Savage XS

  49. Tamiya Short Course truck lol

  50. The Tekin Pro4 motor

  51. The Tekin Pro4 motor, I expect.

  52. The new HPI Revolution 1/8 scale gas powered truck

  53. A Captains Curse truck from Traxxas

  54. 1:10 scale GAS short course truck

  55. Darnit people beat me to it. Tekin 4 pole motor.

  56. losi 22t itsd on there website

  57. The Losi 4×4 sct truck

  58. Well, it’s not a car or boat, so I’m guessing it’s the new Tekin Pro4 SC motor.

  59. OS engine , hitec servo , or a orion speed control

  60. B4.1 extended chassis

  61. losi 4×4 buggy

  62. Reedy Sonic brushless motors

  63. Tekin pro4 4pole sensored motor

  64. Traxxas lipo or dura-trax bushless system

  65. im guna say the new novak ballistic motor

  66. Tekin 4 pole SCT motor…

  67. Gonna have to say Team Losi Racing 22T Stadium Truck???

  68. Savage XS……

  69. Traxxas Spartan High Performance Race Boat RTR w/2.4Ghz Radio & Castle ESC?

  70. SC10 4×4 RTR

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