What’s next for nitro?

What’s next for nitro?

One the electric side of things we saw brushless motors and LiPo batteries develop and because of the awesome power and long run times that they produce the segment has grown a lot lately. Easy of use is also a big factor. So what’s next for nitro? I feel that we are going to be seeing some electronics making their way onto nitro engines making them much easier to run for the average user and I also think that we are going to be getting even more horsepower out of them. They probably won’t ever be as fast or as powerful as electric systems but you can never go wrong with the sound and smell of nitro.

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Updated: May 11, 2011 — 12:22 PM


  1. Water cooled DOHC EFI four strokes with electric starters that engage the flywheel instead of the crankshaft directly. We just hit a button on the radio and, if there’s fuel in the tank, it spins over and fires up! I’d also love to see a more automotive style gearbox. Torque converter + planetary gearset = reliable three speed automatic with reverse. No more clutch tuning, no more heavy reverse modules, a smaller engine would be able to handle a larger vehicle without lugging. Lastly, nitro needs to unplug Short Course.

  2. Fuel injection of some sort is a must. The idea of a more reliable fuel delivery system, even if it were a mechanical or electric pump, with a return line and pressure regulator system, would greatly reduce the down time searching for that “air leak” that every nitro owner encounters. Just when I have the thing running beautiful, a line or coupler will get a crack and my tune will be off. These air leaks that occur aren’t always so obvious and then your stuck trying to diagnose the problem when you could be running. If the fuel was pumped to the carb or injector, even if it was leaking slightly, the motor would still run the same because the fuel would be delivered at a higher pressure than the engine would need. The excess fuel would bleed off through the return line back to the tank. So even if the exhaust had a leak, or the fuel line had a leak, it wouldn’t matter and could be fixed later. Its a far stretch to get all of that equipment on an R/C but it would be great!

  3. a new and improved one way bearing

  4. OS had a fully fuel injected nitro motor a while back. It was $1500. If this kind of electronics is going to find it’s way into my 1/8th scale buggy, the cost is going to have to come waaaay down.

  5. Well I have to agree with Kevin Hetmanski,electric is awesome for crawlers and indoor racing,but my love is for nitro as well.You definately would need some electronics incorperated into the nitro engine(fuel injection etc…) to get nitro to the next level.Brushless is pretty amazing plug and play, but nothing comes close to the smell and sound of a nitro.

  6. How about Manufacturer break in motor’s, they would do it better then us and if motor had a problem it would be found before it gets into the hands of the customers. Then put setting of carb so that reg users could keep them running. Like #1 for wet and high altitudes when there is more more moister in the air. #2 cold for and a lot of O2 in the air. #3 for Hot dry air. Etc.

    This would be an easy great first start. I love Nitro but unlike my real car. I can not just keep it going and I am pretty goo at fixing things. I am told if you don’t get the break in just right you will always have problems. Maybe that is my issue and just want to go go go. :>

    They now preseason iron pans where in the past you got your and had to season it your self.

  7. i agree with the Legal Eagle… fuel injection would be a tremendous breakthrough.. if it was affordable enough.

  8. Nikasil lining of the sleeve would be nice in a nitro engine. Less break in time, and much longer life sound good to me.

    A more powerful 4 stroke engine alternative would be great as well, or maybe some true Vtwin engines like what comes in the newer Schumacher truck would be amazing as well.

  9. If someone could come up with a fuel injection system that would be compact and effective, it could make a lot of things easier for newer hobbyists. You could probably get all of the electrical stuff onto a single chipboard that would fit in the receiver box of most nitro buggies.

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