Tune the Radio or Tune the Speed Control? [Tech Center]

Tune the Radio or Tune the Speed Control? [Tech Center]

I’m using a Hitec Lynx 4S with a Tekin RX8 speed control. Some throttle settings are duplicated on the radio and the speed control. Which unit should I be making adjustments to?


Making the setting changes at the speed control or transmitter will be equally effective. The benefit to making adjustments at the transmitter is the ability to change those adjustments without having to access the car. If you feel like you need to reduce maximum braking force after a few laps, it’s easier to pull over and make a few transmitter tweaks from the driver’s stand than it is to take the car off the track, remove the body, and start counting LED fl ashes. When programming a speed control for use in conjunction with a programmable radio, it’s usually most convenient to set duplicate programmable functions to maximum at the speed control, then use the transmitter to roll them back to the preferred setting.

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Adjustments made at the transmitter are easy to change on the fl y

Tekin RX8_silo_cc (Custom)

The Tekin RX8, and many other speed controls, offer a range of adjustments.

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Updated: February 3, 2017 — 10:32 AM
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