Team Orion Vortex dDrive: The End of Speed Controls? [VIDEO]

Team Orion Vortex dDrive: The End of Speed Controls? [VIDEO]

Motor, battery, speed control. Those three items are what make up an electric power system. Or they used to, at least; Orion’s new Vortex dDrive system integrates throttle circuitry directly into the motor, eliminating a separate speed control. The motor plugs directly into the receiver and battery, and gets its own power switch with setup button. You get more space on the chassis and a lighter car. Is this the future? Time will tell, but it’s certainly innovative.

See below for official Team Orion hype. For more photos, see the Team Orion Vortex dDrive 2-In-1 Power Unit post in our Hot News & New Stuff forum.

Team Orion Vortex dDrive

Team Orion Vortex dDrive side view

Latest from Orion:

Team Orion is proud to present the next evolution in RC brushless technology: the Vortex dDrive 2-in-1 power unit for 1/10 scale cars. It is the perfect fusion of Team Orion’s proven 4-pole sensorless brushless motor technology with the company’s state-of-the-art speed controllers.

With the dDrive system Team Orion has combined the motor and ESC inside a single aluminum case specifically designed for the task. Never before motor and ESC have been as closely connected as in the dDrive power unit.

Thanks to this proximity, we have been able to improve performance and reliability by making a simpler system, composed of fewer components and electrical connections. The Team Orion dDrive Intelligent Motor System is designed to be the most user friendly power unit.

This new sensorless brushless power unit makes converting 1/10 on-road and off-road RC cars to brushless power easier than ever! The dDrive features Team Orion’s latest brushless ESC and motor technology ensuring the best possible driving experience.


  • 2-in-1 Motor/ESC Unit for 1/10 scale cars
  • Vortex Sensorless Brushless Technology
  • Simple compact design for easy installation
  • Improved reliability
  • Designed for LiPo and NiMH batteries
  • High performance 4-pole motor
  • Aluminum case with high efficiency cooling
  • Forward/brake, forward/brake/reverse and forward/reverse (crawler) function modes
  • User adjustable performance settings
  • Overheat protection system
  • Battery low voltage cut-off system
  • Status control by LED and audio tones
  • Plug&Play: no soldering required, easy setup
  • Fitted with Deans high current connectors
  • Splash Proof
  • Developed by Oscar Jansen

#ORI28313 Vortex dDrive 2700kV (540, 4P, Deans)
#ORI28314 Vortex dDrive 3000kV (540, 4P, Deans)

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Updated: July 16, 2015 — 4:58 PM


  1. OK< the video was of LIGHT bashing… I personally don't think it is that great of a idea…. The Motor it self (under normal conditions) run at 140 – 160.. There r speed controller parts that cant not get that hot. And what about heat distribution???? Also that was a Small 1/10. What is there going to be for the MAxx, Savage, ect… 1/8th scale, and 5th scale????

  2. I WANT ONE!!!!!!!! This is the cats meow man. How much is the estimated cost?

  3. I like this idea better than the integrated receiver/ESC combos but I’m still leary about it. If the ESC or the Motor goes you basically have to replace them both. And then there is the heat issue, you have two things that get very hot and they’re in the same can together feeding each other more heat, which increases the chance one or the other will fail.

    I guess it all depends on the price. If it’s cheap enough to be a disposable system then it looks great, but if it’s on the pricy side, I’ll stick to my ESC and motor as separate units.

  4. What happens if speed control or motor go bad…now you have to replace both instead of just one?

  5. Would we have to redesign the rear pods on what are now 1-cell carpet- or asphalt-oval pan cars for these to fit in?

  6. Awesome idea… I’m shocked… How about faster versions? Stock racing won’t be the same when these units will be ready for all of us… I’m waiting for mine… lol

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