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Lake Forest, CA—Few men in any industry are considered “Pioneers.” However, ask anyone who was around R/C cars in the late 1970s and every one of them will say that they know Mike Reedy. Mike’s kind heart and passion for racing endeared him to anyone he came into contact with.

As organized racing became more and more popular in the mid 1980s, Mike decided to celebrate his birthday in the best way he knew how—by hosting a race. But this race would not be just any race. The top competitors from around the world were invited to compete in a unique heads-up format that has set the standard for R/C racing excitement and difficulty. Thirty-two of the best drivers from around the world battle head-to-head in eight rounds of eight cars across four heats with 2WD and 4WD buggies. As the races are completed, drivers gain points based on finishing positions with six of the eight rounds counting towards their overall score. Unlike most racing, this format isn’t necessarily about being the fastest driver, but instead knowing how to win races.

As the years passed and champions like Lett, Hirosaka, Kinwald, and Pavidis were crowned, 4WD buggy fell out of favor among the world racing stage and the Reedy Race lost its luster. Now with the worldwide resurgence of 4WD buggy, the most exciting race in the world is back with a whole new crowd of racers eager to etch their names next to the great champions of yesteryear. And in customary Mike Reedy form, the event also has an open division for the up-and-coming talents to showcase their skills against each other, vying for the open 2WD and 4WD titles and a spot in next year’s exclusive Invitational class.

Come join the best racers in the world as they compete to become the next champion of the Reedy International Offroad Race of Champions at West Coast R/C Raceway in La Mirada, CA in January 27-30, 2011.

Entries open September 1, 2010 on Stay logged on to for updates, media and other important information. If you can’t make it to the event, watch it live online at
Qualified Drivers for Invitational Class
(Top 32 Confirmed Drivers Compete)

Rank Qualifier Name Result

1 Reedy Invitational Champion – 2009 Ryan Cavalieri Winner
2 Reedy Invitational Champion – 2001 Billy Easton Winner
3 Reedy Invitational Champion – 2000 Brian Kinwald Winner
4 Reedy Invitational Champion – 1999 Mark Pavidis Winner
5 Reedy Invitational Champion – 1996 Mark Francis Winner
6 Reedy Invitational Champion – 1995 Greg Hodapp Winner
7 Reedy Invitational Champion – 1994 Jeremy Kortz Winner
8 Reedy Invitational Champion – 1993 Masami Hirosaka Winner
9 Reedy Invitational Champion – 1992 Rick Hohwart Winner
10 Reedy Invitational Champion – 1990 Cliff Lett Winner
11 Reedy Invitational Champion – 1988 Kris Moore Winner
12 Reedy Invitational Champion – 1987 Chris Allec Winner
13 2WD World Champion 2009 Martin Achter Winner
14 2WD World Champion 2007 Hayato Matsuzaki Winner
15 4WD World Champion 2007 Jared Tebo Winner
16 2WD World Champion 2005 Neil Cragg Winner
17 2WD World Champion 2001 Matt Francis Winner
18 4WD World Champion 2001 Jukka Stennari Winner
19 2007 IFMAR Worlds Finalist Ryan Maifield 4WD 2
20 2007 IFMAR Worlds Finalist Mike Truhe 2WD 5
21 2007 IFMAR Worlds Finalist Atsushi Hara 4WD 6
22 2007 IFMAR Worlds Finalist Paul Bradby 2WD 8
23 2007 IFMAR Worlds Finalist Lee Martin 2WD 9
24 2007 IFMAR Worlds Finalist Naoto Matsukura 4WD 9
25 2007 IFMAR Worlds Finalist Travis Amezcua 2WD 10
26 2007 IFMAR Worlds Finalist Joern Neumann 4WD 10
27 2009 2WD Open Reedy Race Winner Yusuke Sugiura Winner
28 2009 4WD Open Reedy Race Winner Daisuke Sakamoto Winner
29 2009 Reedy Invitational Top 10 Shinnosuke Adachi Overall 3
30 2009 Reedy Invitational Top 10 Shinya Kimura Overall 5
31 2009 Reedy Invitational Top 10 Kohta Akimoto Overall 6
32 2009 Reedy Invitational Top 10 Tetsuya Sampei Overall 7
33 2009 Reedy Invitational Top 10 Brent Thielke Overall 8
34 2009 Reedy Invitational Top 10 Kuniaki Noguchi Overall 10
35 2010 EFRA Championships Hupo Hönigl 2WD 2
36 2010 JMRCA Championships Keisuke Enomoto 2WD 2
37 2010 JMRCA Championships Hirosho Akimoto 4WD 2
38 2010 EFRA Championships Peter Pinisch 2WD 3
39 2010 EFRA Championships Marc Rheinard 4WD 3
40 2010 JMRCA Championships Shin Sugiura 4WD 3
41 2010 JMRCA Championships Juriya Kajiwara 2WD 4
42 2010 ROAR Nationals Dakotah Phend 4WD 4
43 2010 ROAR Nationals Matt Chambers 2WD 5
44 2010 JMRCA Championships Kazuki Sasatsu 4WD 5
45 2010 ROAR Nationals Billy Fischer 2WD 6
46 2010 EFRA Championships Viktor Wilck 4WD 6
47 2010 ROAR Nationals Dustin Evans 2WD 7
48 2010 EFRA Championships Ellis Stafford 2WD 7
49 2010 JMRCA Championships Tatsuya Sanpei 2WD 7
50 2010 EFRA Championships Simon Moss 4WD 8
51 2010 JMRCA Championships Takayuki Kono 4WD 8
52 2010 ROAR Nationals Jesse Robbers 2WD 9
53 2010 EFRA Championships Tom Cockerill 2WD 9
54 2010 JMRCA Championships Yuichi Ajishi 2WD 9
55 2010 EFRA Championships Kevin Lee 2WD 10
56 2010 JMRCA Championships Syunsuke Koike 2WD 10
57 2010 ROAR Nationals Frank Root 4WD 10
58 2010 EFRA Championships Martin Kreil 4WD 10
59 2010 JMRCA Championships Satoshi Maezumi 4WD 10

  • All drivers who are qualified for the invitational class are encouraged to sign up.
  • The Invitational class will be made up of the top 32 ranked drivers that sign up.
  • Confirmation in the event is only guaranteed after payment is received. Payments are due between 10/21/2010 and 11/20/2010 via
  • After 11/20/2010, lower-ranked drivers will be given the opportunity to enter the Invitational class.
  • Special entry consideration for the Invitational class will be given by the organizer to drivers who are qualified who are traveling from overseas.
  • If 32 drivers above a qualified Invitational driver confirm for the event, a position in the open class(es) is guaranteed.
  • Questions regarding the Invitational class should be directed to:
Trevor “Chilly” Duncan
Online News Editor
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