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Mad Maxified Exceed 8X8 [READER’S RIDE]

Mad Maxified Exceed 8X8 [READER’S RIDE]

Ryan Cozart of Payson, AZ went a little mad in adapting his Exceed Mad Torque 8X8 crawler rig. The concept was inspired by the “War Rig” from the movie Mad Max: Fury Road, and he designed and 3D-printed most of the body parts himself. It has 8-wheel drive and 8-wheel steering, using four motors and four speed controls. He uses a stick radio to give him additional control programming. Moving the stick top right, for example, will synchronize the wheels to turn sharply right, while moving bottom right will allow it to drift or crab walk. He also has an ESS1+ sound system on a separate battery from the 2S power system, and another battery on the Burnout Demon smoke generator. Ryan tells us the body alone took more than 100 hours to print, and he used a salt-painting technique to achieve the weathered look.


Updated: May 24, 2018 — 6:05 PM

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