For Your Entertainment: RC In The Movies

For Your Entertainment: RC In The Movies

One of the coolest movies to ever feature RC was The Dead Pool which came out in 1988 and starred Clint Eastwood. The antagonist (AKA the bad guy) uses an RC car to do his dirty work. Check it out. Post up what you know about the car, the scene, the RC driver, etc. There’s a lot of cool RC history here.

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Updated: June 12, 2015 — 12:47 PM


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  1. all the cars were pretty much stock. no lowering kits, as mentioned in the rcca 1988 issue. the only magic done to the cars was probably the trannys (the halsey’s built some of the best 6 gear trannys of their time), and maybe little tweaking to the reedy motors. you got to remember that in that time period they didn’t have: lower turn motors, higher capacity batteries, hotter speed controls, different pistons for shocks, teflon shock bodys, silicone oils, different rates of shock springs, carbon fibre, titanium this and that, a more efficient tranny, universals, ball bearing bell cranks, or turnbuckles like we have today. or even a proper rc10 gasser, that would of made the chase even more interesting and credible to the sound of the car. the only thing i would say that was impressive was the futaba 3pg “magnum senior” radio that jay used for the cars. it could still be used today with little to no problems. best radio of its time.
    i could see why and how they ended up with the rc10 for the movie. the streets were tough (lots of rails and high curbs), and had a lot of bumps that made it easy for a buggy to handle. the rc10 really was something for being all bone stock, a 6 gear tranny, hot reedy motor, 7 cells, and the sweet looking parma corvette body. the thing took the abuse and kept on trucking. and all this on foams raked with traction bars in the back, and raked up front to keep the car glued to the streets of san francisco.
    i could see why the prop guys wanted to do the driving in the movie scenes. but it took a real talented driver like halsey to toss it around those corners and launch it off ramps on the hills. i highly doubt those guys would be able to drive a hot car like that on foams.
    if there was a movie that made rc cars more visible, it was the dead pool. and it’ll always will be the movie. the rc10 showed everyone that rc cars weren’t a joke. i would say it gave team associated more “cred” in the rc community. also much credit should be given to gene husting. with out genes recommendation of jay halsey to the movie people i honestly think this movie would of been a joke with anyone and anything else.
    it’s the coolest and most unique 5 minutes in any movie with a chase scene. and the first scene is the precursor to the main chase. which makes it even cooler. -Rob

  2. Hey, don’t forget about the radioactive Tamiya Brat in “The Manhattan Project”… Makes me think I’m washing my hair with plutonium every time I wash with Prell…

  3. My all time favorite rc scene from a movie, as others have said rc10 modded for on-road, and Jay Halsey driving

  4. A modified RC10 with an off-the-shelf Parma International 1963 Chevrolet Corvette driven by IFMAR world-champion race driver Jay Halsey. The car was in fact an electric; the sounds of a nitro-powered engine were added in post-production

  5. The car was a modified RC10 that Jay Halsey was driving if i remember correctly…

  6. The world famous Jammin Jay Halsey has the original RC-10 he made and drove for the movie. In the movie they made the electric car sound like a gas car….lol

    Steve Dunn

  7. cant recall the guys name who is driving the rc10 i know it he was a well known pro driver for associated at the time this movie came out i saw it specificaly for the reason of the rc car in it

  8. I’ve seen that! I was surprised to find out it was a modified RC10! From the movie I thought it was on on-road car until someone sent me a pic of it under the body. Not sure what was powering it.

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