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2017: Big Factory Driver Sponsorship Changes

2017: Big Factory Driver Sponsorship Changes

The end of a calendar year is the time when companies and professional drivers often make big changes to their contracts and 2017 will go down as a big one marked by big shakeups. Rumors began back in November, but everything went viral when the new year finally kicked in and everyone could make their intentions public. Let’s take a quick glimpse in to the big changes.

Marc Rheinard: Leaving Tamiya/TRF touring cars for Team Infinity. Will be using Awesomatix until Team Infinity is able to release electric touring car. He will also be staying with Yokomo for electric off-road. Switching to MKS servos.

Ralph Burch: Signed with Serpent.

Cody King: Leaving Kyosho (no news where he will end up).

Ryan Maifield: Leaving TLR for Yokomo and Mugen Seiki.

Ryan Cavalieri: Leaving AKA for JConcepts. Also, leaving Team Orion for MuchMore

Ty Tessmann: Leaving HB Racing for Xray.

Mark Pavidis: Leaving TLR for Team Associated along with his son Ryan.

Akio Sobue: Leaving Tamiya/TRF (no official news where he’s headed).

David Ronnefalk: Leaving AKA for JConcepts. Will also be running Roche for 1/12-scale on-road.

Lee Martin: Leaving Mugen for Team Infinity. Staying with Yokomo for electric Off-road.

Christopher Krapp: Leaving Tamiya/TRF for Yokomo.

Davide Ongaro: Leaving Mugen and Pro Circuit tires for Team Associated and AKA.

Jared Tebo: Leaving Pro-Line for AKA.

Dakotah Phend: Leaving Pro-Line for AKA.

Dustin Evans: Leaving Team Orion and TLR for Reedy/Team Associated. Also leaves JConcepts for Pro-Line.

Updated: January 12, 2017 — 4:35 PM
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  1. Paolo Morganti leaves Serpent after 17 years for IGT8. (RCTarget, Capricorn)

  2. “Ty Tessmann: Leaving HB Racing for Xray”

    Hope we will see articles for that brand (X-Ray) which is more and more popular on races in Europe and soon in US. : )
    Cars are design not only for better driving but as well for easy and quick maintenance (eg : access to the ball or gear differential on XB2).

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