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Werks Racing 1/8-scale Rims

Werks Racing 1/8-scale Rims

Werks Racing has now added 1/8-scale dish rims to its line of racing products that includes among other things fuel, engines, pipes and, of course, 1/8-scale buggy tires.

From Werks:
Introducing Werks Racing’s new dish wheels! Made specifically for today’s 1/8th off-road buggy’s using the industry standard 17mm hex. Developed for today’s demanding racing environment we are pleased to release an ultra stiff dish wheel design specifically for competition purposes.
Made of virgin, high fiber content DuPont Nylon these wheels will not crack like similar products made from brittle ABS plastics. Designed with 10 low profile re-enforcing spokes on the inside face of the wheel to reduce flex and deformation underside loads. Testing has shown our new wheel to be 10-15% stiffer and approximately 5% lighter than our competition!

Available in two colors, Bright White and Fluorescent Yellow and sold in economical 6pc multi-packs.

WRX7080W    6 pack. 1/8th Buggy Dish Wheel,     White
WRX7080Y     6 pack. 1/8th Buggy Dish Wheel,     Yellow


Updated: January 6, 2011 — 8:06 PM
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