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ST Racing Concepts Option Parts For The Team Durango DEX210, DEST210, And DESC210

ST Racing Concepts Option Parts For The Team Durango DEX210, DEST210, And DESC210

STRC has released a ton of aftermarket parts for your Team Durango ride. Check them all out in the press release below:

Team Durango made a name for itself by entering into the ultra-competitive racing categories of 1/10th electric off-road, and with high quality construction and race-wining designs, Team Durango quickly became a force to be reckoned with in the high-end off-road racing market. Our new line of Team Durango option parts is aimed to improve durability, provide better performance, and add touches of great factory looks to your Durango ride. And more option parts will be added soon!

STR330398F_resize4mm Graphite Rear Shock Towers, 4mm Graphite Front Shock Towers (with aluminum stand-offs) and Graphite Battery hold-down plate

Cut from high quality graphite material, these 4mm shock towers increase durability and add amazing looks to your Durango ride. Front shock towers also features CNC machined aluminum stand-off for camber link mounting. The Graphite battery hold-down plate is light weight and adds that final touch to your Durango’s factory look. Front shock tower stand-offs available in Black, Light Gun Metal and Durango Gold anodizing.

STR330342R 4mm Light Weight Graphite Rear Shock Tower DEX210 buggy MSRP: $32.99
STR330398R 4mm Light Weight Graphite Rear Shock Tower DEST/DESC MSRP: $32.99
STR320128CF Light Weight Graphite Battery Strap MSRP: $16.99
STR330342FBK/G/GM 4mm Graphite Front Shock Tower w/Alum. Stand-offs for DEX210 Buggy MSRP: $37.99
STR330398FBK/G/GM 4mm Graphite Front Shock Tower w/Alum. Stand-offs for DEST/DESC MSRP: $37.99

STR330181_resizeCNC Machined Aluminum Shock Collars, Bottom Shock Caps, Upper shock caps and spring retainers.

Completely upgrade the looks and performance of your Durango vehicle’s shocks with STRC’s high quality CNC machined aluminum components. Our CNC machined shock collars features an easy to grip machining on the outside of the collar and an o-ring on the inside that holds your ride height pre-load setting in place. The bottom shock caps keep the shock shafts and o-rings inside the shock cartridge operating true even during heavy impacts. The upper shock caps increases durability and adds great looks to the shock, and features o-rings (included) for the bleed screw to provide a good seal. The bottom spring retainer helps keep the shock springs in place while adding great looks to the entire shock set. Available in Black, Light Gun Metal and Durango Gold anodizing.

STR330312BK/G/GM CNC Machined Alum. Lower Shock Caps (4pcs) DEX210/ST/SC MSRP: $11.99
STR330181BK/G/GM CNC Machined Alum. Upper Shock Caps (w/bleed screw o-ring seals) (4pcs) DEX210/ST/SC MSRP: $21.99
STR330157BK/G/GM CNC Machined Alum. Shock Spring Retainer (4 pcs) DEX210/ST/SC MSRP: $16.99
STR330312CBK/G/GM CNC Machined Alum. Shock Collars (4 pcs) DEX210/ST/SC MSRP: $15.99

STR310255_resizeCNC Machined Aluminum Heat-Sink Finned Aluminum Motor Plate
Form and functionality! Add great factory looks to your Durango off-road vehicle and help dissipate heat from the motor and keep your motor running fast and cool. High quality CNC machined aluminum also adds a visible high light to the rear of your Durango vehicle. Available in black, light gun metal, and Durango gold anodizing.

STR310255BK/G/GM CNC Machined Aluminum Heat Sink Motor Plate DEX210/ST/SC MSRP: $14.99

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Updated: July 21, 2015 — 3:53 PM
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