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RC Pearls of Wisdom

RC Pearls of Wisdom

Fathers are always good for some pearls of wisdom, and with this being Father’s Day, it got me thinking about some RC pearls of wisdom I’ve heard and passed along over the years.

My number one piece of RC sage advice is: Slow is fast. This holds especially true for off-road racing, but it’s sound advice for any racer. If you only worry about driving fast, you’ll most likely crash or at least drive a sloppy line. Racing is all about momentum and maintaining a high average speed, not about top speed.

My second favorite is: Tires are the most important part of setup; everything else is fine tuning. There’s nothing wrong with trying to optimize your setup, but messing with a bunch of settings is pointless if you don’t have the right tires. Having the right tires and not hitting stuff should be your two primary concerns. Pro-squat never one a race. Neither has roll center, Ackerman or camber gain.

What are some your favorite RC pearls of wisdom?

Updated: June 17, 2011 — 12:39 PM


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  1. There are three things you need do to get to the winners circle practice , practice , & practice some more .

  2. Check your nuts regularly during a race day… especially your wheel nuts.

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