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RC-LIGHTS 6 LED microBRAKE 6 LED Controller

RC-LIGHTS 6 LED microBRAKE 6 LED Controller

New from RC-LIGHTS:

Directly power up to 6 LEDs. Current limiting resistors are built right in.

Using the microBRAKE™ 6 LED Controller, LEDs can be directly powered from the throttle channel of the RX using the included RX Pass-Thru™ (mini Y-harness).

Dual intensity brake light action is built right in! Throttle channel input fully reversible.

LEDs are split into two banks: 4 constant; and 2 switched dim or full bright depending on throttle stick position (GAS or BRAKE.)

Throttle center-stick auto-detect for precise lighting effects every time.

All LINK channels have been eliminated to make a nice, compact little controller capable of the most common of needs for Car & Truck bodies.

Bundled with these complete systems: #5006 & #106-MB

#5006: Is a universal LED system that can be installed in any 1:12 to 1:8 size Radio Control Car or Truck with accessible throttle servo or ESC plug. Everything needed for a complete installation is included with every system.

#106-MB: Is a LED system designed for use with RPM Light Canisters. This system will light the 4 LED front bumper or 4 LED narrow roof bar AND provide dual intensity brake light action for the 2 LED tail lights. Everything needed for a complete installation is included with every system.


RCL5052 813487010680 microBRAKE™ 6 LED CONTROLLER 65.00
RCL5006 813487010697 DUAL HEAD & ELECTRONIC BRAKE LIGHTS [5MM, 14″] 90.00
RCL106-MB 813487010703 6 LED SYSTEM FOR RPM CANISTERS [3MM, 4″/24″] 90.00

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Updated: October 27, 2010 — 12:16 PM
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