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Prototype Pics Of Serpent’s Cobra S811-Be 1/8 Buggy

Prototype Pics Of Serpent’s Cobra S811-Be 1/8 Buggy

We 1st told you about Serpent’s new 1/8 Elecric buggy a month ago and showed you the CAD renderings, and now this buggy is in it’s final testing stages.  Billy Easton made some final testing in USA of the Cobra-E car which will be introduced in august.

The body is very low and sleek in design, with a new lower rear wing mount and wing ( which also fits Cobra-B and T).  The test-car shows the optional aluminum shock towers, as those needed to be tested too, but the kit will come with 5mm carbon fiber ones.

You can well see the unique compact design of front mounted motor, the standing servo and the top-mounted receiver, and lots of space for the common ESC’s.   The battery cases have a flip-top system for easy and fast battery swapping, enough space for legal batteries.

Overall car balance is super, with this compact and centralized layout.  Breath-taking acceleration, super-fast cornering and well balanced jumping, this “beauty” will handle it all.  Release is scheduled for this August.

Updated: July 21, 2015 — 2:55 PM
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