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Multi-Diff For XRAY T3 LiPo

Multi-Diff For XRAY T3 LiPo

The unique Multi-Diff™ caused a sensation in RC car racing when it was first introduced, and the updated version is no different. The Multi-Diff™ T3 LiPo has 3 different settings:

Standard one-way:

  • Left and right outdrives turn independently off-power, both lock on-power.

Solid one-way:

  • Left & right outdrives turn together off-power, both locked on-power

Solid axle:

  • Full-time solid axle

The lightweight one-way outdrives – manufactured from Hudy Spring Steel™ – have a hex-slot machined at each end, into which a lightweight machined steel hex-style locking axle can be inserted into both outdrives to lock them together. This allows the creation of a solid one-way, meaning that both outdrives turn freely together as a one-way (at the same time), thus creating a solid one-way off-power.

To create a full-time solid axle, a strong steel pin is inserted through aligned holes in the main aluminum body of the Multi-Diff™ and the steel locking axle. This locks the outdrives completely, creating a full-time solid axle.

Includes factory-pressed (non-replaceable) high-quality German one-way bearings, hand-ground for maximum running precision and strength. The one-way bearings must be serviced, cleaned, and oiled regularly (we recommend using #309580 One-way Lube).

  • Unique Multi-Diff™ for T3 LiPo
  • 3 settings: std 1-way, solid 1-way, solid axle
  • Hudy Spring Steel™
  • Lightweight outdrives
  • Lightweight steel locking axle
  • Strong steel locking pin
  • Factory-pressed high-quality German 1-way bearings


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Updated: June 18, 2015 — 12:03 PM
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