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Mugen MBX-6T M-SPEC Factory Built Nitro Truggy

Mugen MBX-6T M-SPEC Factory Built Nitro Truggy

New from Mugen:

The M-Spec is factory built to Mugen’s specifications. Whether you are a seasoned racer or a beginner that M-Spec will deliver.

All the differential and shock oils, shock springs, rid height, camber and caster adjustments are straight from the Mugen race team.

Engine and electronics not included.

M-Spec Features:

  • 3 Diff. Shaft Drive 4WD
  • A70-75 (T6) 3mm Main Chassis
  • F/R Plastic Tension Rod
  • Stone Guard
  • Universal Drive Shafts
  • Lightweight Conical Gear 46T
  • Bevel Gear 10T
  • Aluminum Wheel Hub
  • Aluminum Front Upper Arm Mount
  • Rebound Adj. Screw
  • Rear Mud Guard
  • f15mm F/R Damper Set
  • 4mm F/R Carbon Graphite Damper Stay
  • Low Center of Gravity Fuel Tank (150c.c.)
  • MBX-6T Pre-cut Body


Front——7000 wt oil
Center—10000 wt oil
Rear——4000 wt oil

Shocks and springs:

  • Front-500 wt oil
  • L75-10T soft spring (E0559)
  • Rear-450 wt oil
  • L86-10T long spring (E0556)

Technical Data

Width : 433 mm
Wheel Base : 373 – 378 mm
Gear Ratio : 16.28 : 1
Weight : About 4,000g

Other necessary equipment:

  • 2ch Propo
  • 2 servos
  • Receiver Battery
  • 21-28 Class Rear Exhaust Engine (only chassis kit)
  • Muffler
  • Manifold
  • Manifold Spring
  • Tires
  • Wheels
  • Inner Foams
  • Engine Starter
  • Body paint
  • Tools
  • Fuel

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