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MaxAmps.com 10900mah 2-Cell 120C LiPo Battery Pack

MaxAmps.com 10900mah 2-Cell 120C LiPo Battery Pack

This new LiPo pack from MaxAmps.com is packed with features like a true 120C rating, 5C fast charge rate, a 65 minute average run time, and is 100% waterproof. Check it out in the press release below:

MaxAmps.com is pleased to introduce our 10900 2-cell 120C LiPo battery pack. This high-capacity pack provides long run times while holding incredible voltage under load. Boasting a True 120C rating this battery offers both incredible runtime and maximum power. This pack will drop in most Traxxas vehicles with a Traxxas battery expansion kit which is available on our site.

LiPo Specs:

• 3-year 300-cycle guarantee
• 45+mph in most brushless setups (7.4 volts)
• 65 minutes average run time (10900mah capacity)
• True 120C rating
• 5C fast charge capable
• 100% waterproof
• Built today with factory fresh cells
• Built with genuine 12awg Deans Ultra wire
• We add the connectors and balancing taps for you
• 137mm x 45mm x 35mm, 467g

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Updated: July 21, 2015 — 4:25 PM
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  1. How much will this beast cost?

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