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RC Black Friday Sale – Don’t Short Yourself This Holiday Season

Need some shopping advice? Spring for the RC Car Action seasonal quartet of Short Course specials, which are packed with the hottest products and latest info surrounding the most exciting segment of radio control. The cover of our upcoming Winter issue is graced with the incredible Team Associated SC10B RS, an entertaining RTR that combines [...]

Nov 20, 2012 Comments
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A Few of My Favorite Things

After filling up Stephen’s TLR 8IGHT 2.0 before the start of the 15-minute main at another Tuesday night club race, I stole a few minutes to stuff my face full of Thai food from the local eatery (pad see ew with chicken – I’m a creature of habit) before his pit stop near the halfway [...]

Nov 13, 2012 Comments
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Seeing Familiar Faces at a New Facility

Of the magnificent opportunities I’ve enjoyed through this hobby of racing radio control cars, visiting new tracks and meeting fellow hobbyists rank among my favorites. Last night was my first visit to SDRC Raceway in San Diego, CA, an incredible indoor facility less just 20 miles from my home, and I could barely sit still [...]

Sep 06, 2012 Comments
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The Spirit of RC Racing

The spirit of RC racing has simple roots; humans are competitive. The urge to join ones peers on the drivers stand at the local track comes from the (healthy…hopefully) competitive nature ingrained into us at birth. Racing a radio control car is simply another way that humans exercise their drive to improve one’s skills in [...]

Aug 27, 2012 Comments
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The Ultimate Crossover Hobby

Yesterday, Contributing Photographer Sean Earnest and I met with off-road racer Jonathan Elkins at his race shop in Escondido, CA, for an interview and photo shoot with the Pro-Lite truck that he races in the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series. Elkins’ main sponsor is Venom R/C, and his specially-built off-road racer was prepped to look [...]

Aug 15, 2012 Comments
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2012 ROAR Electric Off-Road Supernationals Format – How Super Is It?

Modifying a word of the English language by adding the prefix “super” denotes superior quality, size, or grade. This year’s ROAR Electric Off-Road National Championships, in which all eleven recognized classes will be spread across one unprecedented “Supernationals” event that spans 9 days, will be super for many reasons: The Supernationals format is the second [...]

Aug 09, 2012 Comments
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When is the last time you asked yourself “why?”

How recently have you taken the time to reflect on what got you, and what keeps you, involved in RC? It’s one of my favorite questions to ask a fellow RC enthusiast because of the myriad different answers I’ve received over the years; if you surveyed a group of hobbyists you’re bound to receive a [...]

Aug 07, 2012 Comments
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