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JConcepts Crowbars 1/8-Scale Buggy Tires – Blue Compound

JConcepts Crowbars 1/8-Scale Buggy Tires – Blue Compound

Test Location: Pin Shop Hobbies >> Oakville, CT

I mounted up the Crowbars to some JConcepts Max-Ups buggy wheels and let the CA glue bond overnight. I tossed them on my Team Associated RC8 electric buggy and ran it at the local Saturday races. The tires seemed to hook up very well and had great forward traction as well as good traction in the corners. With enough throttle input, the rear end got loose and I was able to slide around the corners, which is something I desire in a set of tires when I race. I ran two qualifiers and the main with these tires, and they hooked up well on the loose track I ran on. When the track was watered down, the tires would pack up and loose some traction, but after a couple laps they gained their traction back. All in all the Crowbars hooked up great and I would recommend them to any racer.

Item no. 3031-01, $26


Updated: July 22, 2015 — 11:29 AM
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