RC Car Action June 1990: Our Very First Car Of the Year Issue and A Killer Clod Project Truck!

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RCCA_1990_June-1_coverOur June 1990 issue was a killer! Aside from all the usual stuff that makes RCCA great, this issue featured our very first ever Car of the Year, the Team Losi JRX2. Today, the list has grown to include Car, Truck and Innovation of the year which we announce for the very first time each year at RCX but way back in 90 we did this for the very first time, giving Team Losi the rights to the first EVER award to which they would add numerous additional ones as the years would go by. Another new addition to RC Car Action for our June ’90 issue was our Home-built Project” features. For the very first one, we also deployed our crack editor Wally David out to Passaic, NJ to meet up with Tony Dye and his daugher Jacquel Thomas and check out their amazing Project Tamiya Clod Buster. The truck had been featured in Readers’ Rides in the Feb issue that year and we loved it so much we decided to bring our readers up close and personal for a better look at this amazing Clod. June 1990 was a huge step for RC Car Action and one that we still continue carrying on today. If you have a scale build or project vehicle you want to see in our pages send it on it to Readers’ Rides, you never know where it could end up. Also stay tuned for this years Editor’s picks for Car, Truck and Innovation of the Year and check out RCX in just a few more weeks!

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The JRX2 left us speechless in 1990, not just here at RC Car Action but at tracks across the country. To say it caught on like wildfire would be an understatement as the most high tech racing buggy to that time took the world by storm. It’s graphite chassis, externally adjustable ball differential and numerous other innovations made it nothing short of cutting edge. One could say that the editors of the time were left no choice but to pick the JRX2 as their very first Car of the Year!



Yeah baby that sure is one killer Clod Buster! Even by today’s standards this is one awesome custom build. Tony Dye and his daughter Jacquel built their Tamiya Clod Buster to max proportions with a tilting front hood, custom engine and pipes out of a Kyosho Big Brute and tons more detail. The truck was finished off with a killer paint job complete with diamond plate bed liner. A truly classy truck to kick off our first Home-built Project feature!

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2 Responses to “RC Car Action June 1990: Our Very First Car Of the Year Issue and A Killer Clod Project Truck!”

  1. Manuel says:

    This was still the time where racing buggies looked like buggies.
    love it!!

  2. KJT says:

    I still have this issue,its probably the best issue ever!

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