Electric Tether Car Breaks the 200mph Barrier

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200mph with an RC car remains an elusive goal, but the tether-car gurus at Vector Racing have achieved the milestone with the eponymous Vector. This Castle Creations-powered missile rolls out with a NeuMotors 1530 motor, Ice HV controller,  and twelve Thunder Power LiPo cells aboard. Sending the car on its way to 200mph is not a simple matter of flipping a switch and letting ‘er rip, however. Unlike a nitro engine, which makes very little torque at low RPM and can simply wind up to full throttle on its own, an electric motor produces peak torque at zero RPM. If the Vector were simply flipped on and set on the track, it would smoke its solid-rubber tires like a Top Fueler doing a burnout. To solve the problem, Vector developed a unique, programmable throttle control to ramp up the motor gradually. Why not use radio control? Sorry–not allowed by AMRCA, the tether-car sanctioning body. Follow the link to the Vector page for more shots and tech info, and watch the video below to see the 200mph barrier fall.




And here’s some OG tether car action…

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    Hi Peter,

    I enjoyed your article. I’m editor for the AMRCA newsletter. I’m also an original R/C car racer from the 70s as well as a C/L speed flyer. Please contact me.

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