Cavalieri, Hartson and Olson Score Associated Top Gun Shootout Wins–Watch the A-Mains here!

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The mains have been ran, the dust has settled and winners have emerged to collect their cash payouts. The final day of the racing weekend started out with the lower mains; the racers who missed being in the show by mere seconds and were still striving to collect the elusive cash purse by trying to bump up from the lower mains. The racers who did qualify into the A-Main had three cracks at getting the overall win. The Triple A-mains were spread out and ran in the beginning, middle and the end of the 44-race schedule. The hotly contested classes were the ones that paid mula if you had a podium finish; with a 1st place paying $300, 2nd $200 and 3rd $100. When the dogfighting had ended and the bogies had bugged out (I think I’ve used up all my Top Gun analogies), pilots from the Team Associated, TLR and MIP camps would emerge victorious. Here’s how the mains went down. 

Race Specs:

Location – SDRC Raceway

Sponsors – Team Associated, JConcepts, AKA, GPR Stabilizer


2wd Modified A1, A2 and A3. Winners -

1st Ryan Cavalieri – Associated/Orion/AKA/Airtronics

2nd Dustin Evans – TLR/Orion/JConcepts/Spektrum

3rd Kody Numedahl – Associated/Reedy/JConcepts/Airtronics

2wd Modified Cavalieri



2wd Stock A1, A2 and A3. Winners –

1st Tommy Hinz – Associated/Reedy/JConcepts

2nd Jimmy Wright – Tamiya/Venum-Atomik/AKA

3rd Tyler Hicks – Associated/Reedy/JConcepts/Airtronics

2wd Stock Hinz









1/8th Scale Buggy – A1, A2 and A3. Winners –

1st Steven Hartson – Associated/Reedy-LRP/JConcepts/Futaba

2nd Barry Baker –

3rd Pres Ilog – Tekno/Hitec/AKA

1-8th scale expert hartson









Pro4 – A1, A2 and A3. Winners –

1st Matt Olson – MIP/Tekin/JConcepts

2nd Dustin Evans – TLR/Orion/JConcepts/Spektrum

3rd Barry Baker -


Pro4 Olson

4wd Modified Buggy – A1, A2 and A3. Winners - 

1st Ryan Cavalieri - Associated/Orion/AKA/Airtronics

2nd Steven Hartson –  TLR/Orion/JConcepts/Spektrum

3rd Jimmy Barnett – Associated/Reedy/JConcepts/Airtronics

4wd Mod Buggy Cavalieri

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