Team Associated B44.2 Factory Team

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Since its inception, the B44 has been on the cutting edge in the 4WD buggy class. Considering its humble origins and the journey it has traveled in eight years, the buggy that graces these pages is more than just the newest one, it’s the most important in a lineage of successful racing buggies that have dominated around the world. As such, the B44.2 Factory Team is the perfect example of refining and honing a proven platform rather than replacing it with entirely new cars. As each generation of B44 has proven its mettle on the track, it has also shown some things that could be improved. With a slew of new parts and components redesigned to be stronger, better, and faster, the B44.2 is the answer to keep the A-Team on top of the podium. Take a good look because this is the buggy that will beat you at the track—that is, until you get one of your own.

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