RC Black Friday Sale – Don’t Short Yourself This Holiday Season

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Need some shopping advice? Spring for the RC Car Action seasonal quartet of Short Course specials, which are packed with the hottest products and latest info surrounding the most exciting segment of radio control. The cover of our upcoming Winter issue is graced with the incredible Team Associated SC10B RS, an entertaining RTR that combines the detail of a molded driver figure and full roll cage with the national champion pedigree of the SC10 platform; the Winter Short Course issue is your first chance to get the scoop on this open-wheeled racer, and you won’t want to miss it! It’s just one of the must-have products for 2013 that you’ll find scattered throughout (with a more complete list, New for 2013, starting on page 22).

The cover story’s supporting cast is a strong ensemble, with TLR’s push-button TEN-SCT snarling in its cameo role. Team Losi Racing started with its own national champion short course racer – the TEN-SCTE – before swapping the final vowel for a nitro engine fitted with a remote starting system. Pressing the transmitter’s R.O.S.S. (remote on-board starting system) button not only pops the included Losi 3.4 engine to life, but adds the exhaustive BRAAP that brushless power just can’t match.

The SC10B RS and TEN-SCT are just two of the new kits you’ll find reviewed between the covers, along with race reports from season-ending events for both full-size and scaled-down short course competition. There’s something in the issue for everyone, with a dozen pages of how-to’s ranging from painting tips to racing advice.

The upcoming Winter installment of the Short Course special series was the first on which I had the pleasure of working, and I’m excited for our readers to check out the mix of engaging content. There’s no other class of radio control that offers the combination of scale realism and exciting performance, and there’s no better way to take advantage of our holiday sale than with the Short Course specials.

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