NEW! SC10 Short Course Setups App, V2!

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Team Associated’s SC10 Short Course Setups app allows the iPhone or iPod touch user to enter and edit setups directly into their device. Clear, full-color photos of the SC10 1:10 scale short-course electric truck throughout help the novice racers to identify the setting on their truck and make choices. A generous number of note fields, one per setting, allows users who own a different truck or buggy to enter their own settings.

What’s new in this version:

• Added 5 more setups. Now 10 blank setups included.
• Added “Factory Team Parts Installed” section for each setup. Just check off each part you have installed.
• Added “Standard SC10 FT Setup” button to Front Suspension, Rear Suspension, and Shocks. Tap it to fill in the Note fields with the standard FT SC10 settings. Good for reference, and if you’re using the standard settings, it’ll save time typing.
• Added to Track Conditions the ability to select options for “Weather, temperature” and “Weather, humidity.”
• Added a screen to add your preferred base settings for electronics, and added a Base Setup button to each Electronics page to display those settings on that setup’s page. This way, you won’t need to enter them over and over for each setup.
• Added a button next to several settings to display a brief explanatory cheat sheet for the Front Suspension, Rear Suspension, Shock, and Body/Weight pages. Pages are extracts from the RC Cheat Sheets app and eBook.
• Added page for you to add details for five favorite tracks, including checking off their amenities. Will help you remember what you need to pack next time.
• Added new feature called “Setup Testing.” Use this page during the process of testing your setting adjustments on the track to keep a record of what change works and what doesn’t.
• Added SC10 online setups in-app from 2009-2011. They are oversized to read easily – no pinch-to-zoom needed.  No online connection needed.
• Added a Delete Everything button on the home page. This will delete all the user-entered data from the app, resetting all fields to blank.
• Added links to our online tips and tricks videos that would be helpful to 1:10 2WD vehicle owners. Active connection required.

Only 99 cents from the iTunes App Store!

Available Now

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