Tamiya TRF417X Chassis Kit

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Tamiya has released the TRF417X in preperation for the 2012 IFMAR World Championships. Check out the new features below:

Tamiya Racing Factory (TRF) team’s ace driver Marc Rheinard won the 2010 IFMAR World Championship with the TRF416X. In December of the same year, the TRF417 was released and it has achieved equally impressive results at various top-level international R/C races. With an eye on winning the upcoming 2012 IFMAR World Championship, Tamiya is introducing this latest iteration of the TRF417, the TRF417X. Although the differences between the new car and the TRF417 may seem subtle, the newly-designed lower deck offers improved chassis flexibility for better low-speed traction. The previous one-piece motor mount has been replaced by a three-piece type to allow further adjustment of chassis’ flexibility by linking them together. The thickness of the front and rear damper stays have been increased to 3.5mm and other new developments include a new upper deck, metal battery holders which serve as counterweights, and low-height kingpins. A front direct coupling and rear gear diff unit (Item 42197 TRF417 Gear Differential Unit II) are also included.


  • Motor mount allows adjustment of chassis rigidity and new positions of motor attachment holes enable a wider choice of gear ratios to better suit your track or racing class.
  • Damper stays have damper attachment slots to allow fine setting adjustment.
  • Increased thickness of 3.5mm offers improved damper attachment rigidity for greater damper effectiveness.

Separately Required Items:

●2-channel R/C unit with ESC. 
●Body, tires, motor, battery pack & charger.

Item No:42205 

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