TQ Racing Goes In A New Direction

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TQ Race Products would like to formally announce that it has split from the “World Wide Partnership” with Ansmann and Team C. TQ has begun the process to develop and manufacture of its own brand of vehicles – vehicles that will be designed, and developed in the United States. The new TQ brand will be completely developed and manufactured in house, and sold world wide directly under our brand name. No longer will TQ have to fix or mask issues that are outside of its control.

Learning from the development work completed on the previous older chassis brand, we have learned how to take a product that was unknown, untested and underdeveloped and turn it into a National Championship winner and recognized around the world. The lessons learned from that development will go into a completely new line of electric cars built from the ground up as TQ Racing vehicles. Development has started on 2wd buggy chassis. With a 2wd Short Course, 4wd Short Course, 4wd Buggy and ready to run vehicles all on the drawing board

TQ has already been in contact with multiple distribution points and given its action plans to key figures around the industry to help ensure a health distribution of product will be available. Not just in the United States, but around the world, as the developed around the world under the proper name.

For those customers using the current brand of TQ products. We still have an inventory of parts and are going to be supporting our customers through the entire process to ensure we can do everything we can to support them, just as they have done to support us. We thank all those who have been willing to try our products. And ask they watch and see how that trust will be rewarded with an incredible new line of products.

Customers can contact TQ Racing at tqraceproducts@aol.com for questions or ordering information.

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  1. Nope says:

    Nothing inspires confidence in a company like an “@aol” E-mail address in 2011…

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