Back at it with the 2WD

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It’s Monday and I’m back over at West Coast RC putting down some more practice laps. This time however, I’ve decided to make a few upgrades to my Kyosho RB5 buggy. Recently Kyosho released a new Big Bore design of shocks for both there RB5t and RB5, so I thought I’d swing on down to there and pick up a set to test them out. After spending some quality time over at Kyosho and getting all the details needed in order to get my RB5 up to par I headed over to the track. While I was there I picked up a set of front and rear big bore shocks, pink front springs, pink rear springs, updated rear shock tower, hardened steel turnbuckles, and a fresh Peak Racing 5400 45c pack. The front shocks were built with 350 weight Kyosho oil and stock piston while the rear shocks got 300 weight oil and stock pistons. In order for the front shocks to be mounted onto the shock tower I needed to dremel away some of the shock tower in order for the shock to mount properly. You could also space the shock forward a bit but I decided to dremel instead. Also, if you don’t have the new RB5 SP2 then you will need to get the updated shock tower as well since it does have a slightly lower height due to the shorter rear shock length. I gotta say, the new Big Bores make a big difference to how the buggy handles around the track. It wasn’t that the buggy felt faster or twitchier but much more compliant. There seemed to be a higher lever of composure to the chassis as I drove around the track. Overall it’s a great upgrade to make.





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