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Growing up, I was very fond of Tamiya vehicles and had a wish list a mile long. But being a kid with no job made it hard to be able to afford that big list of vehicles. By the time I was able to afford those old school vehicles they were no longer available. Through the years I’ve looked on Ebay for some of them but found the price still too high. Thanks to Tamiya we now have rereleased versions of their more popular vehicles and they include the Frog, Sand Scorcher, Hornet and my favorite one of all the Avante. The Avante was the one buggy that made me stop and stare and I have always wanted one just to have on my shelf. I’m happy to say that I now have my Avante and am reviewing it in a future issue of RC Car Action. I hope that Tamiya releases more of these cool old school vehicles and I wonder what’s going to be next. What do you think? I hope to see a Blackfoot.

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Simply put, I’m all about nitro. Well, almost. I’m down with electric for crawlers and some indoor racing, but if you really want to get my attention, it better make some smoke and noise. I’m a regular racer and I usually go with 1/8-scale buggy and truggy. When I’m not racing, I am usually fabricating custom parts and even entire vehicles.

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  1. Dave says:

    I used to have one of these decades ago… To be honest, it was junk. It looked awesome, but it was heavy, parts were very expensive and hard to find, and it simply wasn’t designed for American RC tracks…

    I can’t figure out why everyone is so excited about the Avante reissue. Tamiya should have a least incorporated the Egress options into the reissue.

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