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Now you can quickly understand how to adjust your RC car, buggy, or truck settings for optimum tuning!

Within a range of tuning options, which is better, a higher number or lower? Thicker or thinner? How will a longer or shorter adjustment change the handling? If you keep scratching your head trying to remember — RC Cheat Sheets to the rescue!

For those of us who haven’t yet grasped the theory and physics of the tuning possibilities behind the many setup options, RC Cheat Sheets with its 100+ cheat sheets and 70+ full-color photos will give you shortcuts to the information you need to make changes intelligently and quickly.

This app puts valuable information at your fingertips for offroad, onroad, and oval styles, and electric and nitro vehicles. These cheat sheets — quick-lookup mini tuning guides — are useful for a wide range of RC brands, not just Team Associated vehicles.

Easy-to-use calculators included in the app for:

  • Gear Ratio
  • Final Drive Ratio
  • Roll-out
  • Transmission Ratio

Convert between units of:

  • Length and Distance
  • Temperature
  • Weight

Tools include:

  • Lap Counter (copy the information then paste it into the iPhone’s email app to export!)
  • Random Number Generator (who’s going first?)

At your fingertips are helpful checklists and charts:

  • Maintenance Checklist
  • Transmission Ratios, offroad and onroad for AE vehicles
  • RC Toolbox: must-have items for electric and nitro vehicles
  • Fraction Equivalents
  • Drill Chart
  • Frequencies
  • How to Go Faster Checklist
  • Common Beginner Mistakes Checklist

… all this and more for only $2.99!

More key features include:

  • A Bookmarks function helps you retrieve favorite cheat sheets quickly at the pit table.
  • Search allows you to find a relevant cheat sheet quickly. Try “push,” “traction,” “steering,” “jumps,” for example. Rotate the device to enlarge the photos.
  • Adjustable font size for easier reading.

Watch the video!

Requires iOS 4.0 or higher. (Check your iOS version by opening your Settings app, then General > About.)

Available on the App Store:

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