Radios Have Come A Long Way!

Feb 12, 2010 1 Comment by

Radios have improved leaps and bounds in their 30-plus year history. Not long ago, RC car enthusiasts were using stick radios. Eventually those stick radios evolved into radios with wheels and triggers similar to what we use today. KO Propo has always been at the forefront of radio technology and this mock up of one of their first stick radios is pretty cool. You could see that racers were looking for alternatives to pushing and pulling on sticks. Stick radios may work for plane guys, but we want triggers and steering wheels

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New Media Editor About Jason: I’m on the west coast which the hot bed of RC. As such, I really enjoy being able to bang fenders and rub elbows with many of RC’s most elite racers. I’ve competed at many large events (done pretty well too) and I have found myself returning to the recently reinvigorated 1/10-scale electric off-road racing scene. Jason’s 5 Hot Topics: West Coast Scene, Racing, 1/10-scale Off-road, Short Course and the Pros

One Response to “Radios Have Come A Long Way!”

  1. Kenny McCormick says:

    What’s so bad about stick radios for ground use? I love ‘em. I drive noticeably better with them.

    Maybe I spend too much time playing GTA IV with my 360 pad to get good with a pistol-grip? Idunno. My point is not all of us car guys like pistol-grip radios.

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