Reedy VMX Concept R-46 IB4600

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Reedy VMX Concept R-46 IB4600

Intellect Battery, the undisputed leader in competition NiMH batteries, has upped the ante with an all-new cell featuring a whopping 4600mAh capacity. This new IB4600, treated and matched using the Reedy VMX Concept, produces a racing pack capable of powering winners at all levels of competition.  Even more impressive is the increased durability and reliability incorporated into this high output package.

The Reedy VMX Concept makes these great cells even better. The process begins by applying an intense energy pulse to new IB4600 NiMH cells using high-tech equipment designed in house by our engineering staff.  The end results of this exclusive process are reduced internal resistance, increased voltage output, and more POWER!

These enhanced cells are cycled, then power-matched using a 35-amp discharge. This process eliminates weak cells and those that do not fall within the exclusive percentage that are good enough to be hand selected as Reedy VMX R-46 grade.

Reedy VMX cells are packaged conveniently in a compact plastic clamshell that provides full view of each cell’s test data, and doubles as a handy storage device after the pack has been assembled.

Competition environments require the highest level of performance.  Reedy VMX Concept matched cells meet and exceed this demand.

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