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The new 28XZ Truggy Engine – perfectly balanced power for today’s truggies! With input from top truggy drivers, O.S. has developed the ideal engine for these hybrid hot rods! The 28XZ produces more low-end torque, providing the rpm/torque balance that heavier truggies require. The result is power that’s incredibly smooth! And the 28XZ comes with all the components serious racers need for fine-tuning to meet any conditions: Two carb inserts – a 9 mm blue for higher rpm applications and larger tracks and an 8 mm red for smaller tracks that restrict air intake, an extra copper head shim for more head raising/lowering options and a piston sleeve that boasts 6 ports for significantly increased power.

• The larger head aids in cooling and is a 2-piece construction with inner head button.

• A sealed front bearing and high-performance inner bearing are part of the new crankcase design.

• The high-performance con rod features oiled bushings. • Three needles enhance fine-tuning on the 21J slide-valve carb.

• Comes with a high-performance P3 hot turbo plug

• The Mark Pavidas Edition Tuned Pipe is the perfect accessory for the 28XZ; flywheel sets are required (sold separately) for certain truggy models.

Specs: • Displacement: 0.284 cu in (4.65 cc) • Bore: 0.728 in (18.5 mm) • Stroke: 0.681 in (17.3 mm) • Practical rpm: 4000-38,000 • Power Output: 3.31 hp @ 32,000 rpm • Weight: 13.1 oz (375 g)

OSMG2074 28XZ Truggy


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