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Trinity Certified Modified Rotors

Trinity Certified Modified Rotors

From Trinity: #TEP1113 – 13.0MM HIGH TORQUE ROTOR – ORANGE (OUTLAW STOCK) – $39.00 #TEP1114 – 13.0MM ULTRA HIGH TORQUE...

This motor is included with MR-FZR21XR FLETA ZX V2 Spec Rotor 12.5x7.25x24.2mm [ XR ]. Motor torque is increased, suitable for 1/10 scale buggy class (Blinky). Muchmore Racing research and development team succeeded to make a brand new motor that guarantees maximum power and efficiency. Flow-Max 2 Cooling System is produced by simple 2-piece CNC processing that allows superior cooling effect. We were able to enhance the cooling efficiency by 15% in comparison to our past motor products which is great achievement in terms of keeping the motor performance as high as possible. In addition, the High Power New Stator Design approach doesn’t use separate insulator. Therefore, less weight and maximum cooling efficiency achieved. All FLETA ZX V2 motor incorporates “Maximum low resistance copper wire” that allows low internal resistance which results in maximum output power increase. High Temperature rated wire is used for winding the motors to minimized the risk of burning up the motor. The motor uses Heavy-duty silver-plate solder tabs which reduce resistance. Also, it uses the double eyelet to prevent fatiguing over time. The stator design achieves very low internal resistance in exchange for surprisingly high output power. Improved ease of maintenance and loss of weight is additional features achieved by NEW V2 design. All new FLETA ZX V2 motor promises maximum power output and RPM achieved by Pure copper magnetic wire and Low resistance collector rings. This motor fits perfectly for 1S powered pan cars, 2S powered buggy, truck, and touring cars. All new stator design offers smooth acceleration both on- and off-road racings. Our recently upgraded manufacturing capability has achieved “precision balanced neodymium high-temperature rotor” which shows enhanced performance. Also, special setup program and optional rotors make various kinds of tune-ups possible according to drivers’ choices. #MR-V2ZX215ERXR - FLETA ZX V2 21.5T ER Spec Brushless Motor w/21XR #MR-V2ZX175ERXR - FLETA ZX V2 17.5T ER Spec Brushless Motor w/21XR #MR-V2ZX135ERXR - FLETA ZX V2 13.5T ER Spec Brushless Motor w/21XR

Muchmore FLETA ZX V2 ER Spec Brushless Motors With MR-FZR21XR V2 Spec Rotor

From Muchmore Racing: This motor is included with MR-FZR21XR FLETA ZX V2 Spec Rotor 12.5×7.25×24.2mm [ XR ]. Motor torque...

Trinity Phenom Signature Series X-Factor Modified Motors

Trinity “Phenom Signature Series” X-Factor Modified Motors

From Trinity: The Phenom signature series was designed with the intension that all racers can buy exactly what Dakotah Phend...

Muchmore FLETA ZX V2 Drag Racing Brushless Motors

Muchmore FLETA ZX V2 Drag Racing Brushless Motors

From Muchmore Racing: New design stator and Rotor provides maximum torque while producing some extreme RPM. Excellent Drag Racing RPM,...

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Majestic Mojave

Pedar started with a long-wheelbase RC4WD TF2 chassis and topped it with Mojave 4-door hardbody, which he painted with a...

Tribute Toyota Show Truck

Jonathan saw a Toyota 4Runner show truck called the Baloo 4Runner on Instagram. The moment he saw it he was...

Gearbox: New and noteworthy items

1. Reefs RC 400:SCv2 Racing Servo This high-torque high-speed brushless servo is water resistant and features a magnetic angle sensor...

Klean K5

Pedar’s Blazer started out as an Axial Dingo years ago, but almost nothing but the frame rails remain. Power comes...

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