Mugen MBX7TR And MBX7TR Eco Truggy Kits

Mugen MBX7TR And MBX7TR Eco Truggy Kits

From Mugen:

The MBX7TR and MBX7TR Eco kits have many high-end improvements in suspension, steering and drivetrain to create the ultimate 1/8th nitro and electric off-road truck.

Mugen Seiki concentrated on the making the suspension on the MBX7TR even better with new 16mm front and rear shocks that improve traction and better feeling on high grip conditions. The new shocks are also outfitted with new 1.4mm shock springs.  The new 1.4mm shock springs reduce chassis roll, increase traction, improve jumping and are more stability on bumpy tracks.  This means you can drive even harder than ever before!  The 7TR has a new 3mm A7075 hard anodized chassis with increase side bends to increase strength and to give a more precise felling on all surfaces.  The MBX7TR uses the E2129 front upright which has a trailing axle position to improve overall steering.  The steering ackerman plate from the 7R buggy is also included in the 7TR to add more adjustability.  The servo saver spring was also update to the E2316 to improve the precision of the trucks steering dramatically.  The drivetrain of the MBX7TR has been changed and improved with the use of a new universal style driveshaft for both the front and rear of the truck.  This greatly improves the feel of the truck on bumpy surfaces.  The universal driveshafts will make the overall drivetrain much smoother and will spin with less friction.


  • 3mm A7075 hard anodized chassis.
  • Lightweight 46T spur gear.
  • Straight cut conical and ring differential gears.
  • Fully adjustable steering with new geometry, servo saver and ackerman plate.
  • Front/Rear 16mm hard anodized threaded shocks with 3.5mm shock shafts and slim rubber boots.
  • 5mm A7075 aluminum front shock tower.
  • 4mm A7075 aluminum rear shock tower.
  • 5mm A7075 aluminum lower suspension mounts for optimized geometry.
  • E0710 heavy duty aluminum clutch shoes.
  • Stylish cab forward body.
  • E2125-B revised lower front suspension arm.
  • New 1.4mm shock springs.
  • Improved servo saver spring (E2316).

2015 MBX7TR race wins:

  • JBRL Nitro Series Champion
  • Mugen Nitro Challenge
  • Bring the Heat
  • MNRC Finals
  • Pro-Line Shootout
  • Sidewinder Nitro Explosion TQ

#E2019 – MBX7TR Nitro race truck
#E2020 – MBX7TR Eco Electric race truck

Mugen MBX7TR And MBX7TR Eco Truggy Kits (3) Mugen MBX7TR And MBX7TR Eco Truggy Kits (2) Mugen MBX7TR And MBX7TR Eco Truggy Kits (2) Mugen MBX7TR And MBX7TR Eco Truggy Kits (1) Mugen MBX7TR And MBX7TR Eco Truggy Kits (1)


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Updated: November 4, 2015 — 10:16 AM


  1. how can i upgrade my mbx7t to mbx7tr?

    1. Not sure if Mugen offers that but I would contact them at (949)707-5607 and see what they say.

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